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Our Art is the path to finding ourselves. Let’s do art.

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Life is said never to be fair…but again in life we get to experience blessings and miracles in various forms. One of such blessings is found in Stephen Siloma…through him,I’m able to face it all with greater optimism and a greater smile. Thank you Simons.


*_~this man Siloma~*_
Here is a little different thing from what I’m used to writing. Today I’ll write about someone whose fought with life so hard.
He is someone who motivates me to face tomorrow. When it’s hard I’ll go back and look at his journey and I’m able to feel better.
He has seen what life can do to anyone. Someone who has stood with Christ amidst what he has gone through.
He is the founder of a mental health organisation called “`Nijali“`
It works on all matters concerning mental health.
Before I say what I have to say about him. Oh I know I’ve already said a lot but hey.
I hope this become shows someone who has lost hope that there is hope beyond the struggle. So keep going.
Here is something he has to say.
“*What Material Are You?*

So today I…

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Sometimes I sit and wonder,
My mind wandering off to Oblivion,
On what would have been,
If you and I were one.

You see…
At times I look back at your,
And see the dimpled smile
One that gives me chills
One that calms my nerves.

Some days I listen to your recording,
Memorizing your voice by your words,
And when I’m alone…
I can actually hear your speak,
Calling out my name.

Some days I see nothing…
I feel nothing..
But in all the nothingness
I still can smell you…
And right then…
I remember you in my heart,
And my mind lingers on for a while.

So at times I talk to you,
I look at you,
I check you out..
Eyeing you from a distance,
And then I smile…
I smile coz I know you are mine.


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Renewed Vows…

Hey Love…
It’s the third day of February,and I bet also it’s the third month of us being us. Too many times I’ve written to you,most times the letters never reach you and the few times they do,all you get to see are the memes that talk of everything but us.
Sometimes I think of you..I think of me…I think of us. Most times I actually don’t for what’s the point of thinking yet I’ll end up at ground zero.

Today I write to you as I face the beautiful setting evening star. In all it’s majestic splendor I get to see that there’s beauty and Joy in all that we have and experience,including the setting sun.

I write of the love we’ve shared and experienced. Of the shared laughs and the exchanged arguments,of the uneasy silence and the half-baked egos. I write of all the tiny and huge emotions shared within us.

Today I write to renew my vows to you. My vow to always stay by you no matter what weathers us down,to always make you smile and laugh when you feeling low and sad,to drive you insane when you get used to my crazy,to make you cry out of Joy or pain depending on what we have. Hun, I know I do say a lot though you say a lot more, thus I shall just let it end here.

To us I hope and wish for brighter days, sunnier days,cooler nights and intense passion. To say I love you would sound a cliche for I have said that too much,but heck…I’mma say it again coz I know my hard head sure makes your head hard and thus you’ll need some head.
I love you more each day and I’m keeping you this month.

Yours in love,
Your crazy girl.

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We sit across each other
Watching quietly,
The air quite tensed,
It’s as if we are both afraid of each other,
It hasn’t been the same ever since,
I know little about him
Maybe just his name, his love for sleep and poetry,
Maybe it’s the way his hand tugs at his hair,
Or his imperfect face, with his smile,
It makes me lose my senses,
All the way to the eighth,
If at all there’s one,
Or maybe it’s that he’s got stars for eyes,
He’s too perfectly right for this simple paragraph,
The way he slurrs when he talks,
Or the way his smile brightens up the darks in me,
I want to take him,
And kiss his pink lips dry,
I want to mess around with his scar,
And tell him it looks really pretty,
I want to hug him,
And tell him that he has yet another second chance,
It’s taken me a lot of strength,to get us here,
Even though I’m known as the weaker one,
Taken lots of courage,a lot of uneasiness,
Even though cowardice is part of me,
For me to face it all despite my fading sight,
To see past these blurry lines…
To actually feel it all and know it’s right
To walk out that door,and never come back,
My eyes reek of pain,his pain,
My nose runs on mucus,his cause,
My ears listened to each cry from my mouth,
And the screams of frustration ushered to me,
My hands are damp from wiping the tears,
After each little bitchy fight,
My system’s collapsing under the pressure,
I’m a mess…
Maybe a beautiful mess, like he says,
Maybe not…sigh…i think not,
But I see these brighter hues…
Despite my shades of gray,
All in his eyes.
He made my heart fall hard,
Among the rocks of limbo,
And with it cuts were made,
And now the spurts are out,
Coming out as tears…
Tears of the beauty i see in him,
Of the hope that love will be renewed in him,
Just like when i first saw him…
Of the thirst he quenches in me
I want to run to the rainbows,
Where i was told unicorns exist,
And collect some elixir,
To make this change in him not temporary,
To give it immortality,
And bring it to him,
To colour his world,
With different shades,
Bright and blue,
For in his own reflection,
I know my grays shall be whites
My darks shall gain a brighter sheen,
And hoping in it all,
He’ll know he is my kalaediscope,
And that he colours my world,as obnoxious as it is,
I want to love him for who he is,
I want to forgive him for what he does to me,
I want to kiss him,to lie on his chest,
To laugh with him,
I want to forget it all,
For his scars and faults,
But we both know i cant,
Because he can’t love me,
With the lot,
That i have.


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Be The Real You.

I am woman,
Borne of a woman,
Bred by a woman,
Thus I stand above all,
No matter my scars and wounds,
I stand for I am a woman.

Yet woman,
You hide your scars beneath your makeup,
Woman, you hurt our ego with your flawless skin,
Yet you hide your pain with the smile on your face,
I understand you are a woman…
But don’t be a man to show it.

Take my hand and watch me stand,
Clear my path and see me take that step,
For in my weights I find solace,
In my pain I try to find gains,
So pave the way…
Watch me walk with my head held high.

Held high? Is that where we are now woman??
Pride! What next?
Next I’ll see you walking amongst us half naked,
Shouting words that only the drunk speak,
Why do you fear to face your pain?

Pain is a gain we all face,
Hurts are a part of life,
I intend to live not with pride,
But with my ego tucked in,
With my resolve up my sleeves,
I shall walk to victory.

I like the sound of that,
But what about your freedom?
Coz we chained you to the slavery of the lust of our eyes,
Seeking pleasure from your pain,
Taking advantage of your submission,
So woman, what about your freedom?

I’m a bird…
Wild and free,
Flying up above the clouds,
Caged no more by the words around,
Chained nowhere near the cages of life,
Thus the freedom I yearn…
That I’ll give myself.

I love your faith,
I love your pain,
I love your passion,
But tell me woman…
Why do I get jealous that in finding your freedom you will forget me?
Why am I insecure that I’ll end up alone?

I have a past,
Which I need to walk past,
I’m facing the future,
With an uncertain gaze,
I’m living in the present,
Not sure of steps to take,
So stay by my side,
And help me take these steps.

Then together we will,
To the future we will go,
Let’s forget the past,
Or at least let it be a buried memory,
Trust me and let’s take this walk,
Let’s fight for your future, our future
Step by step let’s walk!


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Unlikely Places

In the places we fear to let our imagination soar
For we are afraid of what we may find beyond
Closing our eyes to the infinite possibility…
That may be this one time…
A soul within us shall be set ablaze

And a feud quelled up…
On what is to be put on paper…
And what is to be buried
Bleeding on paper to put all that hides within…
Covering our wounds with words that rhyme with our pain

Battling our demons with pen and paper…
Holding them at bay with unerasable ink…
Releasing our fury on lines and rhymes,
Healing our torn souls with the calmness of the torrents after tears…
Seeking for the unknown in strange places.

Finding the beauty lying deep within our sadness,
Exploring the light hidden in our dark souls…
Giving up the battle with our demons
Choosing to embrace them in our lines…
For the warmth in their cold hands…
Is all we crave for.

From the ashes we rise,
From the tears we see more…
More of the beauty of the stars…
From the sadness our souls are healed,
A contract immortalized in prose is forged…
Never to hurt but forever to write!

The Phoenix of the ages we are
Finding beauty in our ashes…
Finding the strength to fight for ourselves
For in this full world…
To find one to fight for you becomes a pipe dream
One fuelled by the aging sages
Those who relish on white elephants.

A dream; we must all dream…
Didn’t they say all dreams are valid?
So I slumber in peace to let my mind roam free…
As my hand sculpts thee…
In the beauty of art…
Only thing on my mind…
Who’s gonna take the last bow?

Firm and strongly is the hold I give
Soft and smoothly is the result I crave
So let’s put it all down
Let’s free our souls
Watch our caged hearts sing
For maybe beyond this cage we are in
There lies the freedom we yearn.

In these strange times…
In these murky tides,
A foot firmer than before we shall have
For maybe our wings need more…
More of all found in unlikely Places.


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Open Up

Been a quite long while,
Since you traced these curves,
And tickled my triggers,
Since our edges merged as one
Through the contours of our fingers
So take a step at my door
Take a leap to my side.
And just for you,
I shall open it all up
I shall ooze all my proses and poetry,
All my rythms and moans,
Incoherently,hidden in the screams,
My beating heart shall pulsate
from the rhythm of your manipulation,
Subtle and strong,
From the touch of your tongue,
Sudden and snaking,
To the massage by your pink lips,
Touching and loving,
To the beat of your heart,
Constant then slow,
So shall my body move in sync,
Take me as I am
Hold me like before
Make this experience greater than our last
And let our love turn to lust,
Infinite lust,
Poured in glasses,
Like the wine,from the water He turned.
I promise,
I shall whisper my frustration,
From thy teasing touch,
I shall cringe from my darks,
For my scars come to light,
I shall show you the lightning,
From the lighting of what lies beneath,
And the thunder that rolls from your commands,
Shall pierce my heart,
Alongside the arrow that was sent to my chest,
When Cupid took a hit on us.
Pull me apart from top,
Then rebuild me from below,
Smoothen my rough edges,
As you give me new dents,
Let me take you whole,
For I’m all at your feet,
Bowing at your throne.
Grab me from my core,
And let me be your whore,
I have been acting royal,
To a point where i forget,
My needs.
But tonight,
Touch my bubbles,
Burst them…
Make my imaginations,
Become carnally real,
Let’s light up the night,
Shine it through my darkness,
And at the height of pleasure
I shall blow out your candle
Lighting you more than the sun,
For in my arms…
You are more than a wanderer
In your arms…
I’m more than just a conquest
I’ll claw your back,
Fill them with pains from the wounds,
Of your girth of your manhood,
My fingers will dig into you,
Through your skin all the way,
Caressing your soul,
And smooching your heart,
Building you in it all just to watch you explode
So come forth and claim me
Take me and own me,
For roses are red,
Violets are blue,
If i want you,
I want you bad.


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Vows Of Love

Just as the stars twinkle up high
Next to the moon shining so bright
So is my love for you.

This night I write to you
Assuring you of my love
Giving it all to you.

I loved you yesterday..
I’m loving you today
I’m loving you now.

My promise to you I give
My vows to you I write
Just to tell you this…

You are mine Fabris
I love you


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A brand new year it is
Not only for everyone
But just specially for you dummy
For once again…
You are a living proof of it all…
That we dummies too have origins.

To more life I lift my glass to you
Toasting to you this day
To more laughter from you
To more love in your heart
To greater joy for you
To more books in your library
More wines in our glasses
To a greater peace of mind.

I thank God daily for you
For in you I’ve seen and learnt
I’ve seen the true measure of friendship
I’ve felt the depths of love
I’ve experienced the extent of crazyness
And I’m this all…
I can’t wait to have more of you.

As the calendar changes it’s dates today
May all your dreams and aspirations change too
To what your mind perceives
To what your heart desires…
To what your soul needs…
To everything that calms your being.

I write to you with great love…
Wishing you the best
Praying to the almighty for you
And I know I’m it all
Your smile shall keep lingering
For all to get strength and courage from…

So have a blast dummy
Remember I still love and care for you
And I’m wishing you greater blessings this year

Happy Birthday Gome.