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Today may not be the day we envisioned yesterday. It may not be all that which we talked of as we planned, it may never be anything we over thought of.

Today may just turn out to be just that…today. So let’s share in this day not as strangers but as lost souls whose paths crossed. Let’s share the songs we listen to when we need clarity, let’s share the pictures that we look back at to retrace our steps and get our true bearing.

You may not stay awake long enough to watch the stars with me,but let’s share that which lightens us up and calms us. Today may never be the day we planned it all, but let’s throw it all to the wind…let’s be random with us and in the end find the true value in today…today may not be that day, but atleast we shall say yesterday was a great day and in that hope for a greater day tomorrow.

So let’s make today about you…about me…about us…about all that which matters.
Let’s make today the day not planned but still, the day we look back and actually connect with us.
Let’s do it all today.

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The Sun Is Also A Star.

The lion gives a mighty roar,
The Savannah shines at dusk,
The river rumbles in agreement,
And I stand out from it all.

I may seem weary,
At times said to be weak,
Seen bleeding and down…
But still I stand up from it all.

I cry in my sleep,
Find peace in pain,
Seek the dark in all light,
Just to be upstanding in it all.

I run the race,
Jog a bit till I walk,
Crawling up all the cracks,
Just to find my way in the rubble.

Thus I stand here in pride,
Proud of all I accomplished,
Proud in my failures,
For I know tomorrow I shall stand tall.

Thus I’m not afraid of tomorrow,
I’m ready for it all now,
Strengthened by all I did before,
For just like the sun that shines and dims at will…

I shall rise,
I still rise,
I am rising,
For as the sun is a star…
I’m the reflection of it all…

I’m a star!


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Footpaths Of Yonder

Take my hand,
Join me in this trek,
Down memory lane,
To relive it all,
And see it a fresh!

Stories told,
May never be worth,
But once upon a time,
We lived the stories,
We were the main acts,
So buckle up!

Wailing children,
Screaming mothers,
Absent fathers,
Mean nannies,
That was my world,
A bit of my life!

Rob or take,
Was the society…
Shots fired,
The police are here,
Let’s just watch from the sidelines.

An eye for an eye,
Or just a tooth for a tooth,
With clenched fists,
And clubs in our hands,
How we dealt with issues!

To have fun…
Just kiss the bottle,
Smoke the puff,
Chew the khat,
Make out as you wish!

The paths I took,
The life I lived,
All not worth a rematch,
For in them mistakes were done,
And in regrets we live on!

So this day I choose,
The paths I take,
The games I play,
The people I meet,
For I’m older and wiser!


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Hello Disappearer

In your poems,
She is the dream
She always was,
And always will be,
The stars,moon,stars,
Glittering the night skies.
“Sunshine and rain,baby,
Which of the two do you prefer?”
You always asked her,
Voices laden with emotion,
Hearts beating with reason,
Hands on her waist,
Kisses on her cheeks,
Her head lying on yours,
Her hands resting on your beardless chin.
She smiles,
“As long as they have you in them,
I’ll always pick you…”
She chuckles,
Her ugly beautiful chuckle,
And nudges at your chin,
Your mind wanders,
About how you ever got such beauty,
Tugging at your heart,
Holding your hands,
Kissing you slow,
You wonder,
Every time,
But you’re just a normal boy,
With a beautiful heart,
Multicolours in your mind,
And a unicorn in your imagination,
I guess that’s why she fell,
For the power in your wings,
Blew her senses away,
And all she did was fall for the normal boy.
The little one,
With stars for eyes,
Nothing much to own,
But a pair of spectacles,
Hanging by the bridge of his nose,
The boy who always made her disappear,
The boy was you,
You’re the writer who gave her the density of life,
You’re the poet who gave her a halo,
You’re the artist who gave her life,
And being the owner of all the magic in her imagination,
You said a simple abracadabra,
And cast a spell ‘pon her.
I am so sorry to write about you,
But i couldn’t help it…in case you don’t live forever,
For she was mine before she became yours,
So Disappearer…

Written while listening to Ben Platt’s Sing To Me Instead album.

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George Wanyiri Maina…

Great things sure do happen
When we come together
That what Safaricom, our better option tell us
Great love stories
Usually grow and thrive from adversity
That’s what Shakespeare told us
Thus we had Romeo and Juliet
And here we are…
You and me…
Closer than ever and better together.Through the years we have grown together
Holding us down when all we needed was to go up,
Staying strong when giving up was part of our options,
Weeping in the rain to hide our tears,
And smiling on the face adversity
For that’s what we do…who we are.A journey of great distance,
Usually starts with a single step,
And ends in both feet
Standing aground to be counted as a victor
And yours too has come
For it’s this day that I celebrate you
I remember your achievements
As you recall the pain
I rejoice in your fruits
As you remember the sowing season.Saying I’m proud of you is an understatement
Saying I’m happy for you…
May not actually be enough
But here I am
Standing as I see you shine
Seeing you getting crowned as a victor…
And may be this time…
I’ll not keep calm by choice so that you can relax and enjoy today!With my open arms let me embrace you,
In my own words lemme thank the Lord,
With my clean heart let me celebrate you
For today all your hardwork has paid off,
And to us you are a victor…
Coming to us as a wrecking ball…
Making all us watch you being crowned.All I wish for you is God’s blessings
Even as you finish one chapter
And prepare to open the next
All I wish you is favour from above
May all your desires be met
All your aspirations be fulfilled
For you are a victor.How I wish I could share in your Joy
But even with this distance
Know I’m celebrating you
Know I’m proud of you
Know that you inspire me
And in all that…
Know you are the best in everything!!!Congratulations on your Graduation, always love you in all.©Joy🌹

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Well…I Tried.

At first, it’s a sting,
An orgasmic sting,
A pleasurable sting,
One I can’t shake off,
It’s a dance with the devil,
Only this time,
No soul gets sold.
But he steps on my toes.
It’s a dance with my demons again,
Only this time,
They call me brother.
Me and my insecurities sit at a table for nine,
And the sounds that are let off into the wind,
Are the collisions of our wine glasses,
And the silent cries of my anxiety.
Everytime, I wake up apologising for life,
Wishing death can have mercy on me.
Everyday, I sleep tired of the sun bragging
’bout its light when midday could be my darkest hour.
I am sorry I came into existence,
I didn’t mean to.
My clumsiness led me here,
And there’s no way out.
I keep promising never will i write about the darks,
But how can i do that,
While we are all a generation of simple umbrellas,
And my umbrella is letting the rain hit me,
Silent brittle slaps,
Silent sharp stings,
Pardon me,
Dare I say, m’good Lord,
It wasn’t a fate decided by the gods or by self,
Neither by bad luck nor grace,
Rather, upon Pizza Hut’s delivery to Hade’s house,
I got curious and saw paradise behind the flames,
And a little demon,
Too beautiful to deserve the title,
So I opened more than my eyes,
He climbed in,
The doors locked shut,
With me in.
And life was born,
upon a moment torn.
That i have to breathe in this air,
I solemnly hate,
For each slit I made,
Made me more vulnerable,
For I tore my thick skin,
Well,you fight fire with fire…
And the only thing that could douse this flame,
Was adding gasoline,
With a tiny tear,
And an insecure brain,
A little bit too raw,
A little bit too ‘fraid,
A little bit too scared.
A little bit too scarred.
Being a little black pea,
Amid a beautiful generation,
Of beautiful brown ones.
And I can’t help but whimper at the laughs shared…
And the moments experienced
At the known calm
At the peace fading
Of moments flashing by
Yet being so distant.
Thus at a pedestal I stand,
Seeing who I am,
Feeling who I was slowly departing,
That am at my own funeral,
Afraid of whom I’ll be,
Wondering of the eternal light
If it shall shine bright,
Or flicker at my arrival.
That maybe I’m too ambiguous
Much that the tunnel ain’t a choice,
And there is no light at the end,
Or at least it doesn’t mean anything to a blind boy like me.
So here I stand
Groping at my corpse,
Wondering whether to pay my final respects,
Or escape reality and buy time.
I have become my monsters,
And the bridge to my perfect past is already in ashes.
So I take a knife.
Today someone dies,
And I sure as hell ain’t attending my funeral twice.

Final Words.


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Do you think I can have one more kiss?
I’ll find closure on your lips and then I’ll go.
Maybe, also, one more breakfast, one more lunch, and one more dinner.
I’ll be full and happy and we can part.
But, in between meals, maybe we can lie in bed one more time?
One more prolonged moment where time suspends indefinitely as you rest your head on my chest.
MY hope is if we add up the one more’s, they will equal a lifetime.
And I’ll never have to get to the part where I let you go.
But that’s not real, is it? There are no more ‘one mores.’
I met you when everything was new and exciting,
and the possibilities of the world seemed endless.
And they still are.
For you; For me.
But not for us.
Somewhere between then and now, here and there;
I guess we didn’t just grow apart…
…we grew UP.
When something breaks, if the pieces are large enough, you can fix it.
Unfortunately, sometimes things don’t break.
They shutter.
But when you let the light in, shuttered glass will glitter.
And in those moments, when the pieces of what we were catch the sun, I’ll remember just how beautiful it was.
Just how beautiful it will always be.
Because it was us, and we were magic.
I’ll always love you.

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In Honour And Love.

Today I finally write to you son,
I know I should have done so,
Maybe days or months ago
But how could I…
How could I find words
Yet you are my unspoken piece…
A masterpiece at that.

Another year has just past,
Seeing you laughing and smiling,
Sharing your joys with all who showed,
And once again I experienced it all…
Your pain was my pain,
Your smile calmed my fears
Your tears drowned my heart…
I experienced the joy of calling you my son.

Everyday to me is always a show of love,
Of honour and always a promise,
Of me being better just for you to have the best
I may have flaws and imperfections
But you are the perfect fruit of all these which are in me,
And in my imperfections your presence makes me perfect,
Thus to you my allegiance I give to.

I may not be the best of the football players,
But I promise I’ll show you my best kick.
I may not be part of those who’ll sing in heaven,
But be sure you’ll recall the hymns I hum to you,
I may not be what others expect,
But ‘coz of who you are to me…
I promise to be your best
To love and honour you always!!

I love you baby Michael Fidelis.
Happy Belated birthday to you son