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My Confession…

Written and voiced by Gutto the Wordsmith

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Humanity makes no sense in a man eat man society,
Life and its anxiety,
The blade cutting between love and Christianity,much blunt to rob off people’s sanity
Love to your neighbor’s been so selfish that mongers still gossip rumors about the fisherman
But u have to keep calm and date a Gemini, we so priceless
From breakage to wreckage, results always a damage
Swollen, wrapped up a bandage, but the preacher shugged a brethren!!
Pour me water if the spirits of the dead are burning in hell
Sweet as revenge,
Sugar for my soul
The difference between black and white is the same as that of north from south …
So the black man and the white man can’t fight over a chiq because their diversity is of no common interest??
If loving you makes me sad then am a sadist
Am committed, am an addict
Am resilient, am sarcastic
Am creative,am an artist
Borrowed shoes not only change the way of walk
But also the way of talk
So if I have to walk like I talk, then I should own the sock
Words in my mind never run out of stock, but if they had to, I’d rather have a running stomach
Coz the pain of birth is unbearable until when pills wil be used in proportion and not for abortion
The breed of a dog doesn’t matter when buying the meat
Death is the butcher, hearts left tortured
Tears will drip and fade,
But memories just like the art of sculptures, will live to leave a shed,
That’s the trend…

Handshakes and hugs are all cosmetics and beauty, real melanin is painted down our hearts
Real friends are fat-hearted, tougher than a lover’s heartbreak
Listen to the heartbeat like your eardrums are right on your chest and make your minds the dotted vests that make sure in the sandy beaches you rest.

A tongue for the taste of sense not just a haste of starting a talk of hate
If yesterday is the past, then why tense yet the present aint decided by actions but by fate,
Fake fate, written in rows of guilt by a dripping blade,
sex on a broken bed , beg for a second chance
It’s our lifestyle I bet.

Humanity isn’t human nature , not when still divorce papers are signed for proprietorship instead of proper mentorship for better marriages
But the dreadlocked youth are still victims of drugs and substance abuse, the same kids whom the parents were victims of a rape and defilement case after nature was left to take its course
I guess the world is full
Who’s fooling who? The clergyman with a gold coated rozary dangling down his neck or the rockstar with gold grills dazzling like are meant??…
The entire planets are apartheid, lovers worship Saturn coz they got a ring on em…

Should we invest in glycerine production so as to be pure and clear?
Are the heavens really dear??
I wish I cut my ears and learn to listen from the past
I wish I could be an example, but my life is questioned
My heart is cautioned, restless but cushioned
Old but fashioned, I have learnt to love, and you are my sample.


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Season Two of The Diverse Poets’

Getting better and stronger together…through the power that our words give us,that is all that we do.

Of passion shared through what our minds have concieved,through what our voices have spoken, through what our souls have sung, through what our hearts and eyes have seen…



Everyday all day its all about art and being artists. We are artists in our own mettle,not just because its what we do…but because we are too large to live in this life only as one character. The world is our stage and we are playing out our parts.

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To the friendships forged,the new breath of life we have received,the new lessons learnt,the challenges faced..we all shall keep up bettering ourselves and reaching to all who can hear our sounds and voices.


We are Diverse Poets and that is our identity. Much love and all in all…let art keep uniting us all.


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Much can be said through our words,but with pictures,more than just a 1000 words can be said.

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Been a long while
Since when I heard from you
Since when I saw you smile
Since we talked at length
Of our highs and lows,
Our pains and gains
And truth be told…
I really miss you
I do miss us.

Many questions linger in me
On what happened with us
My heart cries out to you
To the moments we had
The memories we shared
The smile you have
The laughs we had

Was it my fault?
Did I drive you away?
Did my words fail you?
Tell it to me…
Let’s deal with it all
Then we find ourselves
And then…
We get to where we were.

So love…
I miss your smile
That which brightened my days
I miss your voice
That which echoed in me
I do need you
Right by me as before
I wanna have you
All just for me
So come to me
Stay with me…
I need you


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Let’s Hold Us

If love can make us lie
If lust can make us last
Why should i love you

If desire runs us,
Passion drives us,
Why not just love us?

No! I cant
You’re not loyal,
You’re just local

You talk of loyalty,
Yet I yearn more for trust,
So what then??

I want reality
You look guilty
You talk of trust yet you rust

What more than the past?
Of us holding to it all,
So let’s move forth together

It’s hard though
It was just pressure
Just because of peer

Together we can
I believe in you
I believe in what we have

Let’s live up to it
Let’s make choices today
Let’s make it official

You and I together,
In love As always,
Together we are as one.

Let’s gather
The fruits of love
I will let them know now

Standing by your side,
I pledge my love to you,
With unending passion and trust.

Pause you who read these
That on one selected day
You will find the love of your life

My one day is today,
To take a stand of love,
Taking you as my own.

I wont look down again
You love is bestowed upon me
I don’t wanna loose you

Hold me tight,
As I love you right,
For we are all we got.

I will hold you tight,
Because it’s cold right,
Let’s light our love light.


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Draw me closer
For I need your touch
Hold me tight
For in your arms all is right
Lay your lips on mine
Let me feel your kiss
Smile for me…
I need the calm too
Say my name
I wanna hear once again
Stay with me
I need you by me
Stay close by…
Let our hearts become one.


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I can scream,
I really can,
I am noticing this now,
Only now,
But i know you know the sound,
Of my frightened self,
Cause I have let out,
My dying sound,
Once or twice each night,
And you heard me
And saved me
From it,
They surround me,
Dead men in masks,
Skulls can be seen just below their dark hoods,
With smoke billowing from their eyes,
And swords gleaming and reeking of blood,
I think they are here to take my life,
In exchange for the one i took,
I don’t know,
I don’t know,
I am not so sure now,
But i can’t comprehend the voices they let out,
They are lower than whispers,
It’s spooky
It’s scary,
Please wake up,
And if you do,
Then you should know
I didn’t do it,
So don’t judge me too,
For i have too much on my plate,
Not you,
I need you to know,
That i had no option,
But it’s grim over here,
The panes are crushed,
And the reaper’s scythe,
Is already on my neck,
My arms are pinned to my bed,
By the dry bones they have for fingers
And blood thrinkles down to my white sheets,
My fingers are becoming numb,
And they are fading into the winds,
Becoming painless by the second,
And I’m afraid,
That if you don’t wake me,
You won’t find me in the morning,
Making coffee like i used to,
So this is my last scream,
Before they cut out my tongue,
Before i am beyond salvation,
The beats of my fading heart,
Drown the voices around me,
Many whispers,
Maybe i am losing my mind,
Maybe I’ll wake up,
Realise that it was just a dream,
But it’s too real,
My body’s trembling,
My blood is streaming out,
From my slit wrists
So please wake up,
And wake me up too,
Cause i only have,
Just a little energy,
For my last scream.


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Questions flood my mind,
Answers levitate above my head,
Rainbows of doubt,life and loss,
Encircle the tormented earth,
People around the world,
Have stories,sad stories,
Of punctured hearts,
Of bleeding bodies,
Of broken souls,
Sad songs of,
Their wings cut down,
Plucked out,
Feather by feather,
And their life,-their living water,
Trickles down
To the angered soils,
Killing them,
People have stories,
Diaries full of pain,
Journals of dark days,
Untold stories,
Unfinished stories,
Stopped and trapped
by death,
Their dreams,
Of clouds and wings,
Fall down to the pained earth,
Of profanity and loss,
I have met them all,
Aliens and humans untold,
Angels and demons existing,
People who are broken and scattered,
Severed by love,life and loss,
Bleeding to their homes-six feet under,
They try to be strong,
Hiding possibilities of weakness,
Suckered into assuming the weakest link
Of the chains that binds them,
They try to put on masks of happiness,
And forget that sadness knocks on their wooden doors
They still hold a fighting chance,
Unsure of what may prevail,
They choose not back down
They choose not to drop their shields,
They choose to fight destiny,
Despite how many blows they get,
Despite the slashes and thrashes of nature,
And I say,
From a couple of miles away,
That by being strong,
Not just in your body,
But in your mind,
You become,
You become,