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Till Such A Time.

At this place always I sit,
For you I have preserved a seat,
Just hoping and waiting anxiously,
For you to walk in and we just sit calmly,
But thats just a tall order for me,
As Im all alone,save for my shadow.
And you are more in me than beside me,
But still glad to have you in me always

I write to you because I do need you,
You were and always have been all I wanted,
Even though we are taking different paths,
My heart shall hop and jog in your prints,
My mind still goes to the laughters we had,
The moments when it was just you and I,
All these memories flood my heart,
And my heart cries out as it still yearns for you.

The promises we made I shall keep,
The words you whispered I shall remember,
The silent glares we had I have stored them,
Despite the new path that life has pushed us to,
Despite this long distance,
Despite even the resistance ,I shall always call you mine,
As my heart knows no one but you.

All the love that burnt in us,
That bright light that always shone in you,
The warm embraces that we shared more often,
How your heart kissed my soul with love…
The calm and peace that was present in your presence,
All that and more that’s still etched in me,
For all of that I say thank you.

With my lonely but hopeful heart I wait,
Maybe all the worries and difficulties wont carry any weight,
For such a time when our paths shall come to meet,
For us to embrace as like we never stopped,
To taste and feel the warmth of your lips again,
Till such a time comes hun…
Just know I love you…
Yes I do.


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End of an Era.

From the distant hills
Across the various ridges
Through the rough terrain
The tides have risen
Mayday! Mayday!
There’s trouble at sea.

The ancestors have spoken
The warriors are all armed
Hear their silent chants
Heed to their call…
With nowhere to run to
Let’s not die as cowards.

Words uttered
Promises made
Mistakes repeated
Lost chances
All that and more…
Has made us stronger,albeit weak!

Freedom is constant
Decisions are relative
Consequences are real!
So stand tall
Face the music as it comes
For it is the end of an era!


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Happiness is not guaranteed by what you can be able to get just by your abilities…at times it is guaranteed by what you can lose thanks to your abilities.

Finding it and losing it are like two sides of a coin…you flip it and the side you pick is what you have to deal with. Due to that,I choose not to toss the coin…

But I choose to pick my own happiness,To keep it till him and I can’t be identified as separate entities.

I choose you.

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It came in,
In the dark,
So silent to hear a cry of a pin,
The dog couldn’t bark,

Grab me by the chest,
Drizzle off the air,
Slowly putting me back to rest,
Driven back to despair,

The reborn,
Of a big monster,
Who lived to crash the corn,
Left me speechless and nothing to utter,

Arose the spirit in me,
Devils rose to their dance,
My body an indesigned morphine,
Anaesthetic to the monster’s glance,

Abyss to my front,
Laid the hungry tongues,
Homophous and without definite font,
Yearning to engulf my own last gasp i guess,

But egos and instincts started to stitch,
My lungs let out a dry scream,
That made my throat to itch,
The pitch was so laud for a cream,

Consciousness returned,
From oblivion was restored,
After a circle,
Made of shadows and fading figures,
Surrounded me,
To inquire of the return,
Of a big monster,

Too bad it was all,
Just but a dream……


Might be continued

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Like the forgotten hymns,
I now hum your name,
With no apparent tune,
Fumbling to remember our rhythm
But still…
The words escape my lips.

Once a lover of my soul,
My no-code lover
More of a corded lover
But here we are…
Mobile…drifting further,
Connected but still in disconnect.

Sound the alarm again
Remind my heart of your sound
Tell it of the chirpy morn sounds,
If the shinny see in the first light,
Let my soul wake up to you
For now I’m roused when the moon sets up high.

Let’s get back to the basics…
Loving when all we have is trouble,
Laughing when we are the joke,
Living to the fullest for we had us,
When dad’s sighting you was scarier…
Than me posting a pic with no filters.

Give me a sign…
Today,hold me closer than yesterday,
Tell me not of your love or passion,
But restore me…
Restore all we shared,
Restore us in the splendour of our home.

Take me home…
Forget not the country road
Just like the risen waves
That fall with the tides
Let’s get to our shore…
For there shall we find rest…
Never to fade to oblivion!


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3 Wishes…

If wishes were granted
By a long forgotten fairy
All will just be on you
For you are the greatest of all…
More than I could wish for.

To hear you laugh…
I’m your deep baritone voice
Seeing how your eyes light up
How the smile lingers on
That would be my first wish.

Dreaming along the shores
Gazing upon the stars
At the breeze of the passing winds
Just to have you by me daily
That would be my second wish.

Finding my muse in you
Telling of our tales
Recalling our moments
As we make New memories
That’s my third wish.

But a fairy I need not
For daily I have you
Your smile gives me a smile
Your laugh is all that I need
With you is all I do…
I have you.


Lots of love to you two❤❤❤

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Let’s Find Us…

Come closer
Hold me tight
Feel my heart
Beating to your rhythm
Feel my pulse
Racing for you
It’s you and me
All that we need
All that we got
Let’s make our conversation
This time with our mouths shut
For words ain’t enough
To make you realize
Of all I have for you
So close your eyes for me
I will lead you till the end
Let me be the one
To kiss your blues away
To bring back him whom I see in you
So close your eyes for me
My lips yearn for yours.


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Caged within no more,

Constraints of my mind,

Breaking free…

Uncovering my wounds,

Letting the stench flow,

Aiming for my rot I give it all away

Hiding away I choose not

Facing the crowds

Calling upon the whole lot

So here I am

An open book I am

Tread carefully amongst my pages

For deep down within my chapters

Lay stories untold

Lay unfinished portraits

Lay pictures to be unseen

So watch your step

For I may be open to you…


To cover for me I won’t

To protect you I won’t

For its all about me,

And not all on me!


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Our Psalm…

Beneath those smiles lies a troubled soul

A soul filled with fear

A soul chained to temptations and convictions

Divine freedom, Lord we yearn for

Him that maketh a way in the middle of the sea

To the other side we wish to cross

Thou that lives in the highest

Enlighten us dear Lord

He that knoweth our thought

before we dare think

He that knoweth the living and the dead

by name

Lord heareth our cry

cry desolate and dry of tear

Lord guide us thru the times fear

Oh Ye that sees in the darkest parts of our hearts

Feels the most intense pains of our souls

Feeleth the most of our hidden emotions

Teacheth us to praise Thy name for Its glorious

In weakness Lord, remind us that you are our strength

Our fortress

Hideth not thy face from us

Search our hearts and make a home

Oh great mountain dweller,

look down deep into the city cellars.

For your pitiful sheep lay dismantled,

a life so brazen undenied.

Hold back not your splendour,

for without it sheep turn sour.

Unfit for deadly slaughter,

their last emancipator.

Smile down un-withheld,

let the sunshine behold,

in moderate ember.

Lest it scorch your members.

Enlighten us dear Lord

Oh great fighter

See them that plot against your deeds

Hear them that mocks your name in arrogance

The blasphemous tongue that heeds not thy commandments

Mighty warrior, great in battle

Fight for the defenceless and weak

In the dark, shine your light upon the faithful, Lord God

From thy hand

Giveth life and breath

Unto my dying soul

Hear me out, Lord God

Turn your ear upon my lip

And let me whisper

My supplication

Lord God

Am broken

Am falling

Am calling unto you…

Alloweth not the faithful to humiliation

As promised to our progenitors

Bless us not just to our fourth generation but beyond

Mighty warrior fight for us

Hear my call Father Almighty

That in Loneliness I shall not seek,

Plead company from the council of the weekend

But I’m you Almighty I’ll trust

Like in the times of Haggai

My soul yearns for you

Open the eyes of my heart

Pass me not Father

In mockery they have sliced

Bits by bits I’m left

Encourage me

By the 40 strokes to calvary

Set me free

I’m desperate for you.

Oh Hail the all Deity

Forgiveth my transgressions

Wash my dark stains

And maketh me whole again

Lord God

Taketh me by your talons

like an eagle

High up in the skys

And drop me by the waters of life

Water me to purity

That I may not wither under your wrath

Cloth me in your passion

That I may not be judged

by the ill eye of man

Lord maketh me yours

Thou that spoke life to the dry bones

Speak to this treacherous mind

Return it back to normalcy

Against the ways of men I plead to ensure saved

Against the likings of men and the pleasure of the world

Turneth me salt not like lot’s life

Whole again I wish to me

Going wherence you dead

Save me Lord

Lord God

Stretch out thy hand

And set my foot upon a rock

That I may not stumble

Lord make me strong when they call me weak


Maketh me a vessel of your praise

Maketh my tune fine and soothing

Plucketh my strings yo dying souls that they may heal

Playeth me to the dry bones

that they may grow flesh

Lord maketh me yours

Imela, Imela

For all that you’ve done for me

Beginning and the end,

Imela, Imela

Lord God

Save us the inflictions

Grant us deliverance…

Lord hear our Psalm…

Philosophicated_poet ft. Lynn

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On this and more…

sanescript to the world

This shoe just Wont fit,
These shoes keeps hurting your feet,
you try to jog,run,take a walk in it still you wont be fit,
this shoe you should get rid of dont try to fix.

I have been here before,
like many others out there i experienced the fall,
ran out of fingers to point one pointing at the others im pointed by four,
minus one pointing to heaven am sure i cant put the blame on God.
Fleming left hand rule wants to apply showing how on the society i rely but the truth is iam the one to blame.

love yours words from forest hill drive ringing in my head,
yolo words from drake every time im leaving my bed.
im lucky enough not to have been born with a silver spoon in my mouth but with lots of choices green for go and stop is red.

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