The Eisenherz Poet

Where his texts had once been single words and symbols, now they were full sentences. He wrote “You” instead of “U”. He rarely used the punctuation for a smile, or a wink, or an emoji. he preferred to make it clear, in language, how he felt.

He was happy. He loved her. He missed her. His feelings were now clear, and very simple. Besides, even had he wanted to use contractions and symbols , none had yet been invented to convey his message. Even words couldn’t do it. But they were the best he had.

Every letter, every space, brought him closer to her. And gave him not just pleasure, but joy.

She would see what he’d created, for her. What he’d written.

He loved her, he wrote.

He missed her, he wrote.

And she wrote to him. Not simply in reply, but her own messages.

Hurry home, she wrote.


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How to jump off the cliff



  LIFE IS ONE BIG GAMBLE, so they say. It’s a win-lose affair, and when it comes to relationships, it’s a matter of risking. We risk falling in love not knowing whether our gesture will be returned in kind. So, how do you jump of the cliff safely?  Here are some useful tips.

    First, be guarded. Make sure that when you fall, there’s someone down there and not just someone, a trustworthy someone. A person you can look up to, one who cannot sit by and watch you plunge headfirst. A person who is ready to dive and fall on your behalf. A person you can depend on. So, trust is of the essence here. A relationship without trust is like a car without petrol, it can’t start neither can it be jumpstarted. What if the car (relationship) starts then runs out of petrol (trust) a few…

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I am a man

So look at me not like a god

Expecting to see my perfections…

Do not!

For I make mistakes… I’m just man…

I am a man.

I dish out *”I love you*s like freebies

So that I can duck commitment,

But still get it as I need it…

Breaking hearts easily…

While caring less

Yes… I am a man.

I am man

Who doubles as a serial killer

With blood my soul is tainted,

But my hands free from it all they appear…

That’s what I am,

And this is what you need to see…

Me…being a man!

I am a man,

Not to be judged by my past mistakes,

Not to be heard with deaf ears,

Not to be perceived through broken promise…

But by words oozing from me…

For a man ain’t measured by his worth or deeds…

But by his words!

Yes…I am a Man.

A man who chose the cold,heartless woman,

She whom you all kept off,

She who intimidated you all…

And like dogs with your tails between your legs…

You walked off…

As I walked in and set camp…

For love was the magic in me…

Yes I am a man!

And with all my faults,

All my flaws,

I accept me…

For that’s who I am I am just a man!

©Telvin. Murray



Tear me apart,

Brick after brick,

Scrap my skin away,

Layer by layer,

Lay my body bare,

Loose the flesh on me,

Set me free.

Paint my skin black,

Or even white…

Black, a memory of who I am,

White of who I want to be,

Cut through my skin Mend the imperfect To your perfections Free My soul!

Cleanse me,

Sanctify my,

Purify me,

I will bleed out,

Refill me a fresh,

I will stop my breath,

Breath in me,

Make me new.

To the forces of the night,

I surrender my all,

My once caged mind,

It’s bars are broken,


To be free,

Is all I yearn!

Flee not from me,

Cast me not away,

For I’m enslaved…

To fear!

To failure!

To deceit…

But yet,

I yearn freedom.



Under The Stairs

By Dannie Wambui

I saw the pictures of Priscilla Nyambura and got disgusted by the comments people made and jokes towards her. This was a woman that carried a placard begging a man to come off nowhere and marry her because life had become tougher for herself and her daughter (seven years old I think). The only salvation she could think of is marriage. But what sort of buffoonery is this! At what point has it come that the only exit a woman should have is through a man?! Are we as women, getting that weak in the world of today?

Among the top issues the civil society is crying out loud today in Kenya is also the female representation of women in the parliament which has not yet attained the 30% constitutional requirement, and who will come to our aid in this, men. Of course. Bullshit! Where are the…

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Today I light a candle to honour the memories,
The memories of brave and gallant souls,
Gallant souls that have gone before us,
Gone before us but still living lovingly within our hearts.

Friendly fathers, magnificent mothers,
Bold brothers, sweet sisters,
Special sons, doting daughters,
To each whose fine memories time can never erase,
This candle I light today to honour the memories of you.

Some fell by friendly fire defending a cause so pure,
Some braved the pain of ailment while still affording a smile,
Some went without notice but went on their way all the same,
To one and all your memories dwell in us,
A candle I light in the dark pain of loss.

Fondly remembered are you this day,
Deeply treasured into the here and after,
So sail on oh brave and gallant souls,
To a celestial paradise free from taunt and pain,
Until the time…

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Show me your face,

So that I may know you!

Take me by the hand,

For walking alone I can not.

Take me into your blossom,

For your embrace is what I yearn for.

Whisper to me in your tongue,

For your voice is all I need.

Down the valley of death I may have walked,

In the desert of uppity too I have been!

Up and down in life’s tides too I have been,

Sinking and at times staying afloat!

And with the kicks of a dying horse,

I still hang onto the straws at the banks!

Scorched by the sun from all of my digression,

Burnt by all those I trusted on.


Despite it all today I come,

Bowing at your feet I am,

My heart to you I lay bare,

Take control my God!

Away from your path I have wandered,

The oaths of Old I have forgotten,

The meaning of obedience I have forgotten,

For in sacrifices I built my life!

A wandering tormented soul I come to you,

Lost and confused I am,

And today I trace my way back, Giving up my all so that you may fill me up!

Just like the dry bones down at the valley,

Lord give me a new life,

Just as it was in the Beginning, Lord breath life into me.

Draw me your path and I shall follow,

Bestow upon me thy wisdom,

For I know in your joy I’m strengthened

As I let your words guide my feet!

Lift me up high on your shoulders,

And at your feet daily will I be found,

Set me up above like the city on the hill,

And all shall see your light shining in me!

With my voice I shall praise you,

With these words I shall spread the word,

For in all Heavens or Earth,seas or land…

There is none like you!