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The rest of the world admires me for my success,

I move and shake with each step I make,

All I touch turns to gold,

Thus all who see me want to be me..

But deep in my heart,

Im really pained, scarred… I am wounded,I lack!

On the streets I see scruffy, dirty and almost out of health little boys and In my pain I wonder..

Could that be my Junior, where can I find my son??

On the news I see stories of rescued street boys,

With tears in my eyes I wonder if mine could be among them.

I close my eyes to hide my tears,

And in that moment I recall your beautiful face.
At 17 and heavily pregnant; Mike my love nowhere in sight..

Dad the deacon won’t hear of such,

Mum in heaven, why did u leave me?

Here I am..loaded with a beautiful package prematurely received!

The best waa to have baby but leave him near the bus stop!
Now I seek thee my son in hope of attonning for my deeds,

You are meant to be with me…

You have a mother..

I am ur mother.

My heart is scarred with ur absence..

Know Im after you son,

I regret why I left you

Im coming for you sonnie,

Mummy is coming!



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