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I am still in denial…
A day shorter…

Maybe a month longer

Still a memory of the smile that never fades,

A beauty with no shades

A womb that carried us in all sizes….!!
A womb that protects from all,

Its all I anticipated to be in,

Where the warmth within would embrace,

To feel the gentle and lovely kiss on my face,

Just a wish that was,

As prematurely I was ejected from my chill spot!
So small, little with no knowledge of her face

A C-Section that opened her virgin tummy

A cut that distanced me from her warmth,

A bitter, sour pain, a today with no chance of yesterday

I was out of her

She felt the pain, the cold love,fought the war just to have me as I am today…

Her tears on the operation table as she struggled to her last breath!
Her life for mine she gave,

Selflessly and with love for all for me to have,

In her tears I gave my first cry,

With her fading strength I breathed my first,

Oooohh mama…

How much more I wish to have had,

To be in your arms for always!
If only I could shake her hand…

Hug her shoulders and be hugged back,

Just to embrace the love she gave .!!

I would have known her not by the name

Nor a photo that looks upon from the frame.
Her eyes they say I have,

My silly moods from her I sure did get,

All these I keep them in heart,

To close my eyes and wish to see her,

To mess up and anticipate her scolding,

But all this is in sheer vain.
But by her warmth disciplined stare…

Even clearer as she gazed,

I will tell of when Im grown up

Tears of a memory but a cry that I still wish a wand to grant

A love that will and still is, A parent that held me till today.
A love that compares with that of the Father,

From her memories never to move further,

In my tears I shall always rejoice,

Staring down at the mound of soil a top her,

I still smile as she lives in me,

Years come and go but still this I know of,

That forever will she live in me…

My dearest mother,my all time heroine,My superwoman!


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