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What if the hangman’s noose became loose

What if a baby goose was hunt down by a mangoose

What if an athlete’s trainers became loose

What if you have no option to choose

What if life was always a sooth

A white rhino in a green jungle

A scorching sun’s rays on a diamond bangle

A necklace without a pendant can’t dangle

A man and a woman were meant to mingle

Agility of a thief ain’t faster than a bullet

The hardness of a hammer can’t break a mallet

Fine beer brewed from millet

Medical drugs drawn from a sewage

A creative artist can’t create solutions

Naked eyes too have dimensions

Diversity ain’t cause of confusions

A full stop is no sign of conclusions

What if a barren lady gave back to barren twins

What if all mankind falls into sin

What if a blind man fights and wins

What if all cute ladies could sing

Son Of A Poet


Amani Amara

……….. ……….


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