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*Submitted on 1.8.2016*
We are gold dusts in the world’s mud

waiting to be mined by our Lord. 

Death is like a wind lifting the curtain to next rooms;

Your deed before death determines your rooms.
After Maut delivered to me his message,

I jouneyed after-death with my luggage. 

Fraudulently death floods the living like the Indonesian floods;

After death God shall sharpen my blunted heart like Tchaka-zulu’s swords.
Our lives thrive on after death: like buried seeds

we heave newly formed breaths and spawn new breeds

The sleeping man awakes into afterlife

after Death cruelly beheads Life with a knife.
Lo! In this ship of death,we sail the vast seas of immortality

where we’d hit the golden island of eternity.

I fear not, If death shall kill me;

Freedom will it be to my soul, so let it be!
Shed not your tears beside my grave,

I’m now with Christ for the life he gave.

After death is a few leaps astride the skies

where joy and peace jettison the earthly cries.
Over there life like fairy tales

where ladies would no longer paint nails.

An Eldorado of joy and peace 

A world where death will cease.
Death my driver to the grave 

to abide in the Holy city of the brave. 

All to ourselves in solace, a self contain

and after girating to the tunes of some refrain.
Hope sings of peace:strangers gathering as families;

This land, Kings,queens,slaves are no enemies.

With all false accusations; still the supreme being

with all crucifixion; still alive like the living.
We think of our loses to death 

and still look forward to the promised rebirth.

The sleeping man awakes into afterlife

after Death cruelly beheads life with a knife.
Divine soar to the heavenly gate;

Behold! eternal life awaits.

Peace like no other has been found

and the echoes of silence is the only sound.

                                                                                             All is so shiny as white skies and peaceful, closed eyes.                                                                                            

Silence opened her cold arms and hugged him,

Lo’ he gained his breath again after the beam!

_*This poem is a tactful merger of couplets written by these Spic family members; in choronological order*:

Abegunde Sunday Olaoluwa (Speaking Pen)

Ayeyemi Taofeek (Aswagaawy)

Mohammed Sham-deen. ©MS Deen

Alexious chimwala [Alex~African~Genius]

Alawode Tosin O. (Mirzadekunme)

Amano Joshua

Ezeani David(Da Vinci)

Temitope Omosebi (Tiptop)

Abigail Aliu Abiana God’sgrace.

Charles Duncan



ADEWALE ADEOBA A.. (Don brainy)

Winlade Isreal (Winlade)

Michael Babatunde Olaoluwa

Omoniyi Samson ( God’sHeritage)

Oyedokun Ibukun S.Pen HibikAyllay

Oladele Ayo

Amano Joshua


Jean Cephas Walker (J.C. Walker)


Osunwoke Chimezie B (BWriteWord)

*Compiled by the Spic Family’s Weekly Joint Couplet Unit*
*Members*: Spic Yusuf Bada, Spic Chechyn, Spic Josh, Spic Emaculate, Spic Muteeheart, Spic Olaoluwa, Spic Tersemann, Spic Wimlade, Spic Mosijinuola and Spic Ademola C.
_*PLS Rebroadcast Across your online platforms*_​


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