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Is politics much different from a circus?

Mr.Politician with a fleet of cars…

Celebrated by rowdy youth ardoned with scars

Plastic smiles just like our murram roads covered with tar

Our 24/7 economy only operates in the lavish bars

All we can do is shrinkle but not twinkle as stars.
Our sisters for twilight girls

Our brothers perish by knife stabs

We will never afford taxi cabs

It’s like we living in shrubs

Or is it that we are not as agile as crabs?

Our life is made harder than concrete slabs!
Truth is as bitter as grapes

Ever thought of a genious born outta rape?

I rest my case!

You win the race…

Maybe I wish you all the best,

I hope my tears will finally get to rest!

…………………. ..   

Son Of A Poet

………. . ……. . ….

Amani Amara​


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