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Sudden rebirth

Stunning real earth

Leaves fall and leave me

I’m left but a branch, the real me

I’m stretching out for growth.

From the ground I rise,

To all around I apraise,

All that witness these shall praise,

As its my turn to shine,

To really step up and step out.

Into the limelight I come,

Shunning the moonlight I will not,

Beneath the clouds I walk,

I think aloud!

Thoughts clearer than water

I am mother natures’ daughter!

Into this new life,

I choose my new path,

I set my own rules,

I pick my damn fights,

As I know all is right,

Just to show my presence.

I laugh louder,

I smile wider,

I love deeper,

I forgive quicker,

And write more,

Until when my ink will be no more!

So till such a time comes,

My pen I shall wield,

Upon my paper it to kiss,

My new beginnings all to write,

Page after page to open,

My new chapter I shall fill.

With blood if I have to,

In my sweat too I will,

In a bid to leave a positive mark,

I shall do all that I can

My voice to surpass the mountain peak

Thus I forever shall speak

My rebirth for all it is, to spread the love and joy.

©Citrus Fudge🍫🍫


©Joy Munde🌹


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