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_*Submitted on 15.8.2016*_.


Africa! I see her in a clear picture

that imagination can’t even capture.

I see Africa, a prism where all wishes

to live and be for shelter and sweet dishes.
I have a dream like Martin Luther

that from Africa shall emerge the world’s ruler.

I have a dream

that someday, Africa would beam.

From the Nile I dream of a flowing peace

that waters all our desert with ease. 

The continent where crops are widely grown.

Where apathy cease and peace reign.

A home where love will birth success and oneness, 

Africa would be that, known for her progress. 

I foresee Africa’s moon stopping doom

as change sprang out of it and began to bloom.

Walking down the aisle is an egalitarian society,

Devoid of mass exploitation and human enmity. 

I see a bright star with Africa; the sun.

I see a light bar washed off the shun.

My Africa would be a glorified Oasis in this vast desert.

An Oasis humanity in entirety thirst for with all their heart.

A land where mosquitoes that wine and dine on our souls

no longer pierce holes of anguish on souls of promising goals.

I see a vision of a new Africa

where the optimists envisage to be like America. 

I see an Africa like the firmament at dusk,

Cool, enthralling, sauntering in its course.

I foresee an Africa where warring brothers

bury hatchets with tearful smiles and bond stronger.

I see a land of globally-sought black luminaries 

where unity comes through its peoples diversities.

I see Africa rising above racial sentiments.

Drowning hatred with love’s elements.

I foresee an Africa, where love resides in each heart.

Africa, unity is written in every part.
                                                                                                                                                                                                             Africa, a home for all shades of black, red, white, brown and even all things dark. I see Africa as a home of unity

where my people will give a silvery smile of humanity.

A unit of unities, a rich black race;

The Africa I pray God for on my face.

A land of humane beings with human feelings

Bidding each other good tidings.

I wish to have leaders who view all as one,

with the spirit of Ubuntu that makes us all one.

Perfectly purposeful peace loving leaders

Giving godly guidance to adherent followers.

Africa: bits of disjointed rusty parts, 

Afìríka; soldered into one by loves balmy hands. 

Every corner of the Black Continent, 

I see a blue beam fuming talent.

The breast feeding all Earth’s kids

where fruits would grow out of weeds.

Africa, you are the seed in the soil of pain, and your sweet fruits shall we verily gain. 

I foresee a better and beautiful place 

where poverty is alleviated by His grace.

That Africa shall nourish

the people for the land to flourish.

I behold Africa with beautiful wings

to flap against pangs of inferiority instincts.

Like Martin Luther, for Africa I have this dream

as a world ruler that dream shall soon make us boom.


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