Posted in Hope Alive


With the rising of the scorching sun in the East,

So does the cloud of doubts arise too,

Bringing with it the storm of sorrows upon you,

The wild thunder and crazy lightning too strike,

Bringing you down to your knees on the shaky ground.
The distant rumbles threaten to befall the petite you,

As the waves in the seas rush forth to swallow you up whole,

Amidst all the clamour that may surround you,

Let not the desperation and pain boil within you,

Let not its temperatures rise in a bid to explode akin our active volcanoes.
Just close your eyes for a second and see your heart beat,

Listen not to those around but enjoy the rhythm in your heart,

Let the peaceful beats remind you of the calm waves washing up ashore,

As its in that moment your bad skies shall clear,

The thunder and lightning will be replaced by the sweet chirps up above,

The storm of sorrow shall bring forth its showers of blessings.
So no matter the kind of weather you may have,

No matter how deeply stuck in the mud you may be,

Just keep calm as by the end of the day,

Your sun shall surely set in the west!


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