Posted in Hurt and Pain


With tears in my eyes,

A fresh wound in my chest,

The hard lump in my throat,

Pains in me I tell you this,

Love,I decide to stay in my lane!
All this while I have lingered,

Hoping that your eye may see,

Or your heart may soften,

Or your ear hear my heart,

But hun,in my lane I stay.
My dreams each night you feature,

In my thoughts you daily dwell,

In my heart I have kept you,

But a cold shoulder you give,

So in my lane I stay.
I know you love another,

To her you are loyal to,

But still you show me bits of love,

Raising my hopes only to flush it down,

So I stay in my lane.
Your laugh that turns me on,

Your words that comfort me,

Your wildness that I cherished,

The you in you that I fell in love with,

The you that will never be mine,

So long my fantasy,I boldly draw my line.


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