Posted in To Love


img-20160902-wa0004.jpgI know you are mine to keep

With love we made our story,

And now we get our part in history

True love needs no magic or voodoo

As all that you give is to me like juju.
Your prisoner forever I am

In the kind of prison I love to be held

Use your words to keep me captive

But also your gaze keeps me your captive

Loving you was never easy

But staying in love I find it easier.
Despite all our distance

Despite all their resistance

I still call you mine

As in you I see us,in us I see me

Maybe Im mad they whisper

But who cares if I am??

Being with you is the madness I yearn.
No matter the seasons of the year we are in

No matter the time of day we find us in

To all the hopefulls and the near hopefulls I say

You are my man and thats it

I am your lady and thats all to it…
Take my hand lets walk the talk,

Side by side lets paint it all with love!!

Hoping someday you will tell it to me,

So this day to you I say it,

I love you!!


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