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img-20160704-wa0001.jpgI know it has been a while,

Since I last saw your smile,

As a while back we showed our might,

When all we did was just fight,

Nothing more did we do right,

But today to you I write,

Just to say I am fine.
When you packed your yellow bag,

And rolled our red rug,

I know you saw my teary eyes,

But you did not care about my cries,

As all you saw was this silly guy,

With whom you would not stay with till July,

With the scars in my heart I know Im fine.
As I write to you this day,

I still recall of the walks we had each day,

Of the muddy puddles we stomped in,

Of the old songs we whistled to with a grin,

I can not hide this from you darling,

I am not really okay at each of those moments,

As our memories still flood my wounded self,

But I know one day I shall be fine.
Been a while since you packed,

Since that day I knew I lacked,

But with the sun rising and setting,

I know I should do better at forgetting,

All the promises I had said and tried to keep,

All that you said you would not do but you did,

And remind myself that I shall be fine.
From my sight you left but in me you are,

In my heart you dwealt but to his you went,

I remember you in the day and at night I still snore,

In this moment I am not okay but…

In the rest of my times I shall be fine,

It may take a while,but I know I will be fine.


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