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This day I sadly come to you friend,

With no ills against you to intend,

But just the truth you did not see,

The truth that she wanted you to see.
Remember all your late night chats,

All the major steamy rendez-vous you shared,

How she made you feel so small yet mighty,

All that and more just for you she did!
Did you know that she kept the cherry for you?

Despite you talking of the new honeys you licked?

Did you know her heart always beat joyfully at your thought,

Even when you confessed to her of your nonexistence heart?
I tell you this not out of malice but out of love,

Yes I loved her but she loved you most,

I have seen her hurt silently as you turn a blind eye to her,

Her shoulder to lean on I was all those times you did not see her.
Today I tell you not to look for her again,

As out of our lives she walked out as you just watched,

She left with her crashed heart and you did not ask her to stay,

Always have her in your memories,as she is no more in reality!


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