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How filthy could some saints be?                                                            

Internal Jezebels and external angels maybe.                                                             

Too filthy to be called saints

wayward because of their worldly scents.
Filthiness taints your human pride

as you give people your body to ride.
Priests preach holiness in the name of Saints

how filthy they are, their attitudes faints. 
Raised high is filthy hands impersonating holy hands

tongues dishing out deceit served towards financial ends.
Before the heaven Judge, they’re wolves in human things;

Before the world lawyers, they are benevolent beings.  
All day they may be seem as white as snow,

with the dark they get to hit at the belt and below!
Callous mortals drinking innocent blood! 

Hiding in the guise of working for the Lord! 
Jimoh days you see them praise the name of Allah

but underneath their actions make you exclaim Takunlah!
Filled with hypocrisy, they try to make their evil discreet,

nevertheless, their faces gave off their open secret. 
Under the umbrella of holy saints, filthiness occur

with all they preach on pulpit, the congregation succumb. 
In their minds they preached a wondrous word

yet within their hearts lives no righteous word.
I beheld their dirt and naked hand rob the tabernacle.

Will they dirt the altar with their evil righteous clue?

They shun those who don’t have heavy pockets;

I think the transport to heaven is now rockets.
From soothing savoury lips flies sinister lies

and into perdition, the poor pious soul dies.
Because of persecution, they might be smiling outwardly

but they have killed souls ten thousand times inwardly.
They are the whisky priest mollusks in white shells

that pray great but dark with helly holly spells.
They lured our pockets in the name of messiah

But we returned poor from a filthy tower.
Their robes so clean  in high density,                                                                                 

and their mouth spills much hypocrisy.                                                             
They tolled church bells to sell tickets to paradise

and the congregation stampeded to meet only malice.
White blood by default carried they in their marrow

spitting out black venom; mothers of sorrow.
White camels, the crossbreeds of chameleons

Inmates in castles instead of dungeons.
Sepulchres within, paradise without 

faking godliness with their mouths.
They scream aloud: bless you Faith

but deep within, they have no faith.
‘Thou shall not this and but shalt that’

Sin filled, they have is the creator’s Wrath.


Wolves rolling in sheep’s regalia

heresy from heart flows via their labia.
Saints dressed in colourful rags

deceiving souls by their outward jags.
If Hallelujah burnt wrongs

It would consume their tongues.
Do you know the clergy, laity and muezzins

are daily being whitewashed in scented sins?
Our Josephs and Marys on Sabbath day

are Pharaohs and jezebels on other days.
Beautiful as the rotten egg,

that attract all eyes at the food shed.
Not all who wears a priestly gown

knows Him who wore the thorny crown.


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