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Times comes and seasons pass,

Each day I find a new reason to surpass,

All this anguish that lives within,

Of the distance that cuts right within,

To keep us together and still far apart,

Physically away but together at heart.
Right from my ribs you were born, 

and behind yours I found life. 

thus distance  hath done it’s part,

you my love, are in my heart

and that’s where I shall keep you always.
In the wide world we both wandered,

In the deep blue seas adrift we each sailed,

From the south you came along,

To the east your path led you to me,

Now in our hearts forever we are entwined!
from the river bed I watched our love like  tides pushes back and forth,

fighting doubts and obstacles.

for a moment I lost my thoughts to you,

thou  proved without doubt you worth every sweat.
Many at my presence have come,

Tall ones and the fair ones alike,

But to you Im still betrothed,

For you I will for ever wait on,

Till when I have you in arms,

I shall always stay by you.
temptation showcased her talent,

but my eyes hath only sight for you.

still! “unquaked” 

was my trouser

for your thoughts weight more than a moment pleasure,

and that’s how much I value you.
With you in heart Im happy,

Despite the distance between us 

I shall always be with you

Deep within me I know,

Someday all shall be well with us.
Distance may trophy my Corp, 

But you have my soul, 

And I shall someday find my way to your arms

For home is where the heart is,

and you are but my Kingdom!

©L’jay Motadi- South Africa


©Joy Munde-Kenya


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