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*Tell me about the bees…*

As the sun kisses the Western horizon they go,

Up and down on the flowery wild there they go,

In search of nectar for their food,for their hive,

Each with their duty daily they religiously go without fail,

No matter their size nor their age;their colour,

They work as one,always as one!
*Tell me about the ants…*

See them go one after the other;watching each backs,

Step by step towards their destination they go,

Across,under or over their obstacles they go

Nothing along their way shall stop them,

Together as one they collect and build for their rainy season,

They work as one,always as one!
*Tell me of mother hen…*


There she goes,her little ones happily after her,

A crow here…A scratch there…

That’s mother hen,for her babies she goes hard,

Birds of prey up above the trees they perch,

Watching and waiting,calculating for their next meal,

With a hawk’s eye mother hen shields her little ones,

For her family she goes first,fast and hard!

To keep her family as one,shielding them from danger,always!
*What of us then?*

Unlike the bees,we choose and segregate,

Either by colour or size,by tribe or region,political affiliation or riches in the bank!

Unlike the ants,we live where we need smooth roads,

Smoothen by the ungreasy papers in our banks,

Unlike mother hen,we live where everyone for himself,and God for us all!

To the unforgiving world we are alone,

Left to fend and fight our own battles,

That’s who we are,that’s what we have become!



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