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She understands not

The rush of it all

Of the various colours you wear

From whom are you hiding?

What really are you hiding?

Is there really a reason,

Of the various shades you have,

Changing more drastically than the seasons?

All this and more she wonders,

Too shocked to ask,

But still curious to find out!
Why hide the scars beneath

Yet they tell of a conquered past?

Why hide the dark spotty spots,

Yet in them she sees a passed teenage?

The dark black or brown markings

Along your eyes I see their marks

Is it to prevent the flowing tears?

Or are you covering the seen past

To clear way for a brighter day?

Your bloody lips she fears,

As its colour can never erase

All the words uttered in the past,

Nor can they sweeten,

To calm the unseen wraths!
Convert her not

To your undefined clique

That takes the beauty of colour

Too far and too much

To destroy the already beautiful form

That was once the real you

Maybe to the ways of the world

She is too young to understand

What really the essence of colour entails,

But for now please spare her,

Let her watch you in bewilderment,

And maybe…

Just maybe,

She too will know that essence!


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