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It always seems right when the stars align

When they blushed and fell for you,

The universe hushed,

God paused from His clayworks,

Wiped the gold dust off HIS hands,

At your presence with a smile He was.
Before your form He stood

A final glance at His masterpiece

Oooohh!What perfection!

Gently to you He breathed,

So soflty you chest made movement

With stacato rythms it all began!
Your peach-shaped breasts up and down they moved

Your silky hair with the wind seemed to fly

The perfectly curved lips a coy smile the give,

The radiance on your face made the moon shy,

And in your deeply set hazel eyes,

Our future was clearly seen!
Beauty your soul epitomized,

You drank beauty and bled poetry,

your chiseled body,

Your skin so silky,

A drop of you angel,

Intoxicates more than a sea of whiskey,

Be my smouldering coals,

Be my conquering goals,

Your the mother of the cliches,

Heaven misses an angel,

Its as if an angel made love to a mortal,

Your beautiful soul emanating thereof!
Spell my future,

Calligraphically kiss it with your glossy lips,

Never slap your face with cakes of makeup,

Why yet God a masterpiece made you up?
Marry Ogutu,

Because you two are cool!

Be his fires,

Him your ice,

Sing songs as game of thrones your king he becomes,

Give him 15 sons,

A daughter called Linda too,

I beg to rest my inkdrops,

As your soul drank it all,

Adios amigos!
©Think Tank


©Joy Munde🌹


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