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As the sun shines bright today

I chose to see your smile in it

As the winds blow today

I chose to hear your whispers in it

As the rain falls today

I chose to feel you in it.
I chose to think of you every passing moment

I choose to be by your side every passing minute

I chose to be the one who tells you of the three little famous words today

*I love you birthday boy*
With this I wanna say my wishes alongside yours

And then we’ll sit down in our favorite spot

You cuddling me with the warmth of your arms

Caressing me with the gentleness of your hands

Kissing me with the sweetness of your lips

Then we will pause for a moment…
Come lets see our wishes flying high

Then the rains will fall

To bless you in your special day,n our love

And in the rain you’ll kiss me

And as in a rehearsed play, birds will come out

And fill the air with sweet soothing sounds

And in unison all nature will say…
“Happy birthday to you special one”

Happy birthday Bilal😘😘


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