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Growing up was my daily dream,

A beautiful dream that made me smile

But now that I am all grown,

I see nothing good to smile about.
Singing each day ooh so joyfully

Laughing heartily along the ways

Now I wish I could keep the laughs

As now life beats me hard and rough, 

In it all I lost the laughs, 

But still hold on to the gone moments. 
I dreamt about the good life in campus, 

It sounded n seemed so cool

Being a grown up was all I wanted

Falling in love was part of the dream

Now that am here

I find nothing interesting about it all.
My dear beloved…

Then I dreamt of shooting stars in the sky,

Walking along the sea shore with no worries

Just anticipating and yearning for my dreams

Presently I can not dare to dream,

As I learnt the world has no room for mere dreamers!
I had it all at my beck and call

All the attention not to mention the affection

Now its all gone, my world is a tough ride

How I wish I knew of my today

May be then Id have made a different turn.
Growing up comes with its own responsibility 

Every wrong deed eventually leads to calamity 

And for every good deed, comes a reward

But with the world being so evil 

It ain’t a place for a coward 

So that devil inside of you, it gotta be at the same level.
The sound of rain spelling immeasurable joy 

Naked without fear would we ran out 

To enjoy the heavenly showers,

Splashing our bodies with the earth,

But now its more than earth I splash,

As life’s full weight rains on me.
Behold the path revealed to my eyes 

Should I take it 

Will you ever grow up to be the exact version of my old self 

No more childish games 

Would you miss them 

Blocking the stones thrown at you 

Are you really willing to follow this path
One thing. 

Don’t change. 

Life will not be kind to you the moment you exchange your virtue for the thought of what another’s acceptance of you will bring. 

Be you. Don’t change a thing.
From swinging on daffodils to and fro

To a rocking chair

The grey hairs that emerged on my head 

Is symbolic to the panic of growing older

My younger me!

It is better if you stay young



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