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Money in Poetry… Poetry in money?

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I have always admired Sir Black… He is one of my five role models… (I think I have to write on my five role models soon🤔)

So today Deydzi was feeling all gee😎 (wordplay intended🙈)
Well after several weeks of yobbing and pestering… Sir Black had agreed to come on air as our guest for the open air theatre show live on radio Univers 105.7fm(y’all in Accra should listen sometime… Sundays 5-6pm👌) and I was the person to interview this creative giant.💃
Before I continue lemme just say this… “if slam poetry was the matrix then Sir Black will be the oracle”🙌 .
The guy can literally play with anything, everything, and nothing… That kind of exotic word play where the words are erupted out of context and slammed into a different context so brilliantly that it might not really make sense but makes sense😝 (alright now I’m not…

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