Posted in Friendship


Roses are red,

Violets are blue,

Please look up,

I have something…

Just for you.
In the spirit of being blue,

I choose to paint something for you,

As you too got a shade of blue,

Though yours are a bit off,

Your shade is a bit darker.
Much will be said,

Less will be left unsaid,

So I stand from the rest,

Asking you to listen to their wishes,

As they are mine for you too.
You are the high flyer,

Keep rising with the wind,

Lead the flock up high in the clouds,

We follow behind in your greatness,

Lead us to your altitude.
Keep flying despite the storms,

Let your head stand high,

Remember when the storm brews inside,

Your hide will be your shelter,

Shine on this new year!!
*Happy Birthday Pupil*


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