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Royalties are found when we dream they say,

Thus we believe in fairy tales made in fantasy,

In that fair damsel always in distress,

Rescued from her woes by a knight,

The unseen knight always in shining armour.
Today I tell of our royalties,

Those we choose to see each day,

Along our streets they strut,

Majestically head held high,

Adorned in their own crown,

One better than the common silvewares.
Owned by all who dare to stand out,

Different shades are seen but all show their beauty,

Some curly and short but deeply rooted,

Some kinky and long call them Afro.
See it stand tall on their heads,

Call that its altitude.

See her strut along proudly,

I love her attitude.

Standing out from the rest her hair sure does,

Now that I shall call the Afrotude!
She is our national pride,

She is our natural queen,

A queen adorned in her crown,

A queen with attitude,

One with a bit of aptitude,

She is the queen of afrotude!


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