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It’s hard to ignore,

But I need you more,

It’s hard to ignore,

The fact that it’s you I adore,

For every broken soul,

Gets revived,

My heart is ready ti bribe,

For you are the one,

The reason,

I need you
Mr Cupid broke mine door

Tore my chest

And pushed love there in

I hurt with its awakening

And marvel at its beauty

Will you allow me to stay
I need you more than before,

To feel your presence nearer,

To be embraced in your arms

To listen to your heart beat,

Let me feel your form,

I want to be with you,

So I ask…

Will you let me stay?
I’m tired of my cold nights

Tired of dreams that have no life

Take my hand and give me hope

By your side…

Let my soul breathe again

Let me stay by you.
Relight the blown off candle in my heart

Let it melt once more with warmth in my heart

Let your touch send goosebumps all over my body

I wanna feel your heartbeat right in my chest

I wanna stay with you.
Hold on me tight let me feel your warmth

Your body against mine is all want

Feel my every sensitive part with your best kiss

Together let us ride on to a heavenly bliss
Stay with me,

I don’t want to miss you anyone,

To my heart that’s where I will tie you,

I will tatoo your name in my heart

But all I want is you,
Open the doors to a shiny day

Make me yours and let me know love

Teach me to smile so I won’t keep cryng

Let me in your world of beauty in autumn
Into the darkness let us together walk,

With our love let’s conquer the world.

Oh is this a fairy tale that might end soon?

A single step at a time to the future let’s walk.
Kiss me to oblivion

Love me to.completion

Coz this love is limited edition

Let harpstrings n.poems complete the concotion motion

And lets get.lost in this art of seduction​


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