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Black and white,

Hot and cold,

Calm but stressed,

Love and hate,

Find me within the two,

But to choose I can’t.
In heaven or hell

In the church or tavern 

In the living or dead 

With the light or darkness 

In delight or sorrow 

Find me between the two 

but to choose I can’t
I cry in my laughter,

I jeer though I cheer,

Smile at me I shall sneer,

I aint a saint nor the devil,

In between I do roam,

So I aint gonna choose.
democrat or republican

master or slave 

sinner or righteous 
when life tosses its coin

heads or tails

you gotta lie on either


but to choose, 

you can’t…

I pick my friends,

I choose my fights,

I walk away,

I laugh out loud

I embrace fully,

As I aint in between,

And all that is my choice 

I can choose for me.


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