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 In My Thoughts 

​*With my pen and paper at hand,*

*All I can think of is just you,*

*So I close my eyes and give in to the thoughts of you and I…*
Will you teach me how to be naughty?

Take my offered innocence away

Help me darken up my bright halo

Won’t you come to me…

To lead me astray?
Close your eyes to gain your sight,

Step out of your own haboured inhibitions,

A smooth path to you I will show,

Just to set you free from your own walls,by 

For you to experience it all…

All that you jealously hide within!
Whiskey is taking over my body,

Come to me I can’t hold it any longer,

Your legs spread outand sturdy,

Lifting themselves to the sky,

Your toes pointy and rigid,

I want to worship thee,

My eyes see visions as I stare in amazement,

My fiery lady…

Lemme kiss your pouted lips,for you are closer!
Fiery and loud for you I am,

Rest yourself in the comfort of my passion,

Feel the fire deep in you rise steadily 

At your feet I shall humbly prostrate,

In honour of the risen knight to salute,

No arms or weaponry are enough,

As Im a one-lady show that I know,

Relax thyself and see the battle getting messy!!
*With a smile Im back to reality,am all ready for you…Come to me quick,Its you I await!*
© Joy🌹

© Ian Mullah


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