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Each night in bed I lay,

Tossing and turning to the owls’ hooting,

Opening my eyes to the incessant russling of leaves on my window,

Maybe its the sign of the dawn of our new era,

An era for just the chosen few,

To run the show as they please,

An era for the soon to be forgotten lot,

To be pushed back and forth to the wills of the few,

A new era then it is,

With the rising sun from the east,

A new dawn then shall we have!

I just wonder,

Why life is not fair…

Maybe it is just love

But this now is war

Always living in fear,

Gunshots everywhere,

The girl next door being raped

Afraid of gunshots she dares not scream,

The police is wickedly corrupt,

Defends the purely mighty and wicked,

Standing on the feeble and meek

Afraid of her constitutional protectors,

Her voice is forever muffled!
Safety does not exist in our vocabulary,

Our security is our responsibility,

All l had for dinner is fear,

A new load of fear awaits me in the morning,

I do not know what to do,

The pastor is asking for the Lord’s tithe,

From where do l get the money?

I hope they will give me..

Some coins after raping


The good Lord shall understand!

Savage lords on the rise,

Our priorities already upturned

Kids are no longer in school,

Education is shunned,

As violence is exalted,
Give and take is the new us,

A hand for a hand runs us,

Humanity lost in the once blue sea,

Wickedness arose deep within its depth,

Waging a war against the unseen,

Fighting a lost battle with the status quo,

Where to run to I know not,

What is to come I fear for,

Maybe this is what we really are,

And this place we live in is the new us,

An animal farm surely we are confined in!!
A vicious cycle we live in,

Getting it all that we do not deserve,

Either by hook or crook we sure do it,

Our souls to the devil are long sold,

Using our kins as ends to our needs,

Green snakes in the grass we have turned to!

None is given to the deserving,

Yet all is given to the highest bidders,

The weak and meek they shall always be,

As the small circle of them who run it…

Gets smaller but wider!


It is the dawn of their era!
© ⓓⓔⓔ ⓤⓝⓞ🇧🇼

©Joy 🌹


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