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*Tussles in the dark 01*

The sun sets on an abandoned house shuddered on the hill, wishing some respite would come sooner than soon to at least warmth to its now weary walls. For some unknown reason, the house stands desolate. Broken twigs of dry tarnished branches loosely suspend themselves on the roof, twinning their way to the door, as if to ward off any intruder. Outside, three kids play. The older, a girl acts a teacher as two others, a boy and a girl, act the students who are busy taking long meaningless notes.

Inside, on the old bed that has served her faithfully over the years but now cries for retirement with every inch she moves, she lays all her clothes and starts to eliminate one by one. “This I wore last week but one, this on Tuesday…maybe I should try this…wait, this dress is tight and short and moreover it’s my favourite colour red.” This continues for some time till she settles for the newest in her wardrobe, a red velvet short tight dress with heels she wore yesterday. Her perfectly sculptured legs that now blossom in the yellow light to bring out the light coloured complexion would be well displayed by this dress, she thinks. She then calls her children who by now are so engrossed in their game, inside for the meal she had earlier prepared. As each enters, she looks at them and convicts herself maybe for denying them a chance to know their different fathers. They say the short prayers we all know before eating their meal in an ominous silence. She takes coughs to draw their attention before asking each of them of how their day was in school though knowing very well she isn’t interested in knowing their responses. She looks at her wrist watch and stands up to go take a shower. Time is not on her side. She hurriedly dresses up after the cold shower cursing herself for being a bad time manager as she puts on her makeup before summoning her kids to give them instructions. “I am going to work, the door should remain closed till I come, nobody should go out or come in “ This is what she told them yesterday, she is telling them now and just maybe she’ll tell them tomorrow.
She then stands to go but before she leaves she takes another glance at her kids and regrets that she should leave them every night. That she denied them a chance to know what it means to have a father. They all smile back not knowing her thoughts. She hugs each of them before setting off promising to bring them something on her way back from “work”
Watch out for.  *tussles in the dark 02*



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