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*Baby Crush*
I know you’ve been heartbroken before, 

Perhaps they have shaken you to the core, 

I know you’ve been into a bad love affair, 

But that’s it swty-life’s never fair. 
I have had my share of it too

Too much drama in relationships scare me too

I swore never to get into a relationship again 

I swore to protect myself from the pain
Babe then you sneaked into my life 

Touching everything to bring my heart back to life 

I never felt this way before baby love 

This feeling better last forever – don’t move, 
I am not promising to be your Mr Right 

But I promise to treat you right 

To love you and you tight 

And above all love you with all my might
Crushie will you be my queen? 

The only girl to satisfy my carnal thirst? 

The beauty who always comes first? 

Honey pie you is all I need! 
Will you be my lover? 

Will you love me many times over? 

Sugar crush I’m waiting for your answer,

But one thing is for sure, I’ll be the best you ever had. 😘😘😘😘

© *Edd*


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