Posted in Mystries of Life


The value of x is still unknown to me,

Battles. Puzzles.

Exists in my realm,

Broken pieces of porcelain,

Sharply stares back at me,

Barefooted in my apartment,

She lays in front of me,

Stained with bites of struggle,

Blood oozed,

Dried on her mouth,

She’s still!
My hand holds a pistol,

 A voice commands,

“drop your weapon, put your hands where I can see them!”

Mistaking this for a dream,

Turns around, gun aiming,

“pa! pa! pa!” there it goes,

“suspect down! I repeat! Suspect down!”

I stare now at the frail body besides me,

Speaking the same language,

Language of death.

How did we end here!?


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