Posted in Love..For him and her


From the multitude today I will stand,

Proudly like a witch with her wand,

To walk to you and take your hand,

For our hearts in peace to sing like in a band,

‘Coz you no longer are my mystery man.
Long nights and longer days have passed,

Of me just wishing and hoping of this day,

For you to stand forth and let it all be said,

That it is just you and me from this very day,

‘Coz you no longer will be my mystery man.
In your sorrows I see me,

In your tears I remember me,

Come closer and see what you evoke,

Stay and see the sexy beast you provoke,

I need you not to be my mystery man.
You may never be the celebrated knight,

But I sure will celebrate you each night,

Of power or might them I need not,

But him with love and trust I will tie with the knot,

Thus I need you not as my mystery man!
So yes your queen I will be,

Your carnal thirst me to sting,

Forever to be your own queen bee,

Your anchor in life-your wing!

Mystery man,let me be the solution to your puzzle.
I want to redifine best by you,

My answer from the start you have had,

But still I say it all over to be heard,

Yes mystery man…

I want to stay by you,

‘Coz you are more than my crush!



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