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She is the kind of girl every man dies to have,

The kind of woman that shakes the ground when she walks

She got men salivating

She got men wishing


Beauty so full

Beauty with brains

Showers without rains

She makes the stars stare

The moon trembles with fear

Gaze at her and you might go blind

Just glimpse and she clogs your mind


You see

She was made in heaven

Long after day seven

Epitome of perfection

I can’t avoid mentioning

How her eyes shine like the sun

The heat emanating could burn

How her smile goes a million miles,

To enlighten all the dull skies

How the world stares when she sits

How the world bows at her feet


You see

Rare gem

Plays no games

Have her treat her right

Have her hold tight

Coz she’s Karma; she’ll haunt you

If you deserve…

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