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*Tussles in the dark 02*


She curses the fate that her beauty lies for the amusement and pleasures of the world. Closes the door behind her and swiftly dives into the cold. Bracing herself, She steps out of the door way, walks some distance before she pauses; and stares back. Utterly she mumbles, “if only”. But it’s her life. She has no option but to live. To strive. To thrive. Though with contempt. Every night she has to walk from her light just to embrace the dark. Away from the comfort of her home.  Away from the warmth of her bed. Away from the love of her children. To love is to sacrifice. But love in itself can be painful. To put food on the table she would endure this over and over to her last breath, to the grave. She walks very slowly, yet certainly not to break her click clacking stilettos. An act of deception maybe, yet she has mastered this walking style so well. Her left arm flaps aimlessly as the right arm clutches seductively on to her handbag. Like in some sort of a red carpet event. Revealing her petite body in view, her slender legs, her well bottomed rear, just enough for the dark to engulf.
She has become an enemy to her fellow women. She hips and hops from one man to another. They come for her. Not with an intent to wreck their marriage. But to make the lives of her children worth living.
 The streets have been talking. Whispering in dark like demons luring in the shadows keeping occultic secrets. This particular street she dreads. Where eyes  beams on her like spotlight. Prying deviously at her. The kind of stares that could purge a soul. But even the croak of the frogs does not limit the cow from quenching his thirst. 
So she trudges on. Behind the curtains, She knows they talk behind her back, She knows what they think of her, She knows that they know not that she’s going to meet their husband. At this thought she chuckles slyly.

Along the alley, its slightly lit. Three women, from the market walks in the opposite direction. They whisper, then laugh loudly. She removes her phone from her bag and pretends to be deeply engrossed in it. As she walks past the three women, they all keep quiet only to continue with their conversation meters away. But this time she feels, they are talking about her. This makes her wish to go back and tell them each of what she’s knows of them, about them. Their untold, the secrets that lay beneath. 

She wishes to tell the first woman that her husband is the father of her first child. That her child ,the one the woman thinks of to be illegitimate, is actually the child  of a man with zero standing who  just happens to be the woman’s husband. An uppity, a condolence but not one for gossip she keeps to them to herself.

The second woman comes in second in the matters of the heart and sex. Yet she pouts and hoists her neck a bit higher and the memories of yester night the words the second woman’s husband said to her replays over in her mind ” I love you more than I love that woman.” With this in mind, an ear to hear grin is seen in her face.
She smiles for she knows she needs not fight the one more. And the third woman will be in utter shock but then its life, things happen. Things that we can’t change. But she finds their situation funny. A giggle escapes her body into the dark. They’ll fall silent, she imagines, as if to confirm that she’s gone. As if to confirm that she’s not hearing them, the third will say, “She knows no ill about me.” But she knows our third woman is wrong. She keeps the straw that will break the camel’s back, the tide that will drown the shark. She, in her head knows what she has been doing to and with her husband she knows his secret his Achilles heel, his soft spot. But then she decides to keep his impotence between the two.

But wait, why do these women deserve to be treated with respect that she must practice restraint? That they need not hear her two cents after all their husbands pay her to keep them happy. So why not, she contemplates and decides to walk back to them. The look on her face, the bitterness, the anger. There comes a woman who has an array of words to take down the whole government. The night grows dark the stars grow bright. Tension rises as she emerges from the dark. Her steps sharpening the words like a file. And she stops in front of them immaculate in the moon light calm as the eye of the storm. The hurricane is nigh, the countdown is almost done and she opens her mouth…


Watch out for *Tussles_in the dark 03*


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