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In my dark lit corner I take a seat, 

My mind away wanders off, 

To the gone days of bliss

When happiness was all I knew, 

Though now I’m in the shadows. 
My love to them I gave, 

My heart for them I kept, 

My thoughts on them daily were, 

All that gave me joy, 

But here I am in the shadows. 
In your eyes I see kindness, 

In your words I feel compassion, 

In your presence I feel much warm, 

With your touch my fears are gone, 

But still I’m in the shadows. 
Call me the black widow, 

Or liken me to the lone wolf, 

Maybe that is what I am, 

Dropping my broken heart pieces along, 

That’s why I am in the shadows. 
Once my hopes were brought up, 

But came tumbling down soon after, 

Once my joy was sky high, 

But soon was covered in a darker cloud, 

Closing in on me in these shadows. 
Yes I am afraid, 

To feel or get love, 

Yes I am scared, 

Of being left up high and dry, 

I prefer to be in the shadows. 
Promise me nothing, 

I will expect nothing, 

Give me no demands, 

And I may just give my all, 

As despite my presence in the shadows, 

I can still be your light. 


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