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“`The dim light of the candle, when swallowed by darkness

Effaces the memento lying  in the museum of our past.

Enveloped by darkness, our past lays entombed;

Future unraveled, but the paths are bleak.
When the heart rustle;

My ears act deaf

My eyes turn blind

To the reality of the man you are.
We sink deep into jeopardy on the same bed of yesterday

I fall prey once again to the same man with a barren heart.

The nights wont grow old

Our hearts will grow cold.
Laments are in rehersal;

Tomorrow is dejavu, 

We have been here before

This was but a sequel?
Here lies the woman I used love

Your lips will read the epitaph loudly so the world will understand;

My soul died countless times in the palms of the man I loved.“`

©Liz ~  the Afro Poetess



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