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Pure souls are limited,

The real ones are rare,

Two hearts are connected,

I have love to share;
For this love two can share

Harmony will stay,

Play on your soul

It plays harmlessly in your hand

As you continue to be blinded by

love that you feel

Love is harmless yet so harmful
Like treats that gotten distasteful

Don’t let me be so miserable

I’m here for you as friends we are

I’ll carry half of your burden,

Your hurt,

I was sent to earth to care for you
You were sent as a saint

To care and be cared for

I was sent to this world as

a care giver,

To care and help you love

As friends we stand out of

everyone else,

You with no burdens,

A light that guides people in

the dark,

We as friends make each other

feel belonged,

We bring one another great strength
How many texts were sent?

How many nights were spent?

Wait, you wake when I sleep,

How many miles between us?

But time still holds proof

For time was not just digits

Boys and girls cannot just be


Well, that is true,

They become more,

For now you’re like my family
For many messages only one truth

lies behind our minds

We as friends are far but close

Miles lies behind our souls

We know love is a gift

Miles of beauty lies behind your eyes

I stand in amazement as you free me

from my darkness ….
*Delroy M*


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