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He showed up again this evening, 

With his bright eyes I recognized him, 

His ever wide grin perfectly placed, 

Showing off his milk white teeth, 

His rose-colored soft lips

For a while there… 

I got lost in his deep set dreamy eyes… 
His baritone husky voice I heard, 

Throwing me back to the present reality, 

“I missed you… ”

The words I heard, 

“I missed you more,” 

The words I blurted out, 

As my heart danced with anticipation! 
With a soft chuckle deep in his throat he stared, 

His brown twinkling eyes boring into my soul, 

In his stare I was deeply taken, 

Watching keenly, 

Waiting patiently… 

Just savoring the moment! 
With a step forth I was next to him, 

The scent of his woody cologne filling me up, 

Taking in a deep breath… 

Pouting my lips outwards… 

Standing on my toes… 

I was already ready for him. 
“It was nice talking to you, ”

He whispered gently

“Ahaaaaa yea” 

I mumbled with my eyes shut

“Always worthwhile talking to you”

I heard him say

“Mmmmhh yea”

I mumbled, and waited… 

With a soft peck on my forehead, 

I felt his being withdrawing. 
Landing on my Achilles heel, 

With a disappointed sigh,

I watched him stride off, 

“See you soon”

He shouted, 

With my thoughts still on him, 

Awaiting our next meeting, 

I shouted back, 

Hoping against hope, 

For another shared moment! 

“See you soon.”
©Joy 🌹


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