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Dark night

Narrow lanes

Silent night

Moving shadows 

Owls hooting 

Wolves howling

Leaves rustling

Queer night… Maybe, 

Jinxed night… I doubt it!! 
Right from the thickets,

Shadows spring forth

Boldly and menancing they stare, 

All is dead silent… 

Heart racing, 

Too loud for my ears, 

Muscles tensed up, 

Guess I need to flee… 


I’m frozen with fright. 
One step… Two steps, 

They hold me, 

With the strength of a dying horse, 

I’m kissing the damp ground

Face down but I’m in turmoil

Shaking and turning but I’m stuck

I’m weak… 

They are strong

Silence once more. 
Hands pinned down, 

Pants pulled down

Tensed muscles 

Frozen torso 

Then I feel it… 




More pain

I smell it… 

My own blood

I hear them… 

Moan for joy
One for the road they say, 

Turn after turn they take me, 

Too weak to scream

Mind in a daze

My blood from a far I smell

My world seems to spin




I’m lost. 

It all stops. 
Off they go, 

Their feet I see

Their faces masked…

The darkness hides them

All I see… 

Is the full moon, 

All I hear… 

Is the wolves howls…

A dark Jinxed night

It happened 

To me.. 

They did it… 

On me

Right under… 

The bright moonlight!! 

Wish to just be struck

With the moon madness, 

As I am covered, 

In my blood


Their sweat

I want to be struck mad. 


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