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In the dark you left me, 

A baggage I had become, 

Your problem I had turned, 

A disaster you saw me

But still… 

I didn’t curse. 
A cold shoulder you gave me, 

A deaf ear to me you gave,

My cries were your joy,

Your promises turned to tales, 

On my pride you trampled. 
I’m stronger now, 

Alone I outstand, 

On dreaded paths I trudge, 

So please keep the distance, 

For in a snap, I will curse! 
©Joy 🌹


One thought on “UNTITLED 

  1. You didn’t glow in the dark
    Your luggage was too heavy
    My shoulders became numb
    My eyes became dingy
    My ears became stingy
    My memory became foggy
    I remember not my promise
    You need not stand alone
    The journey is too distant
    Save the curse for the future
    I’m wiser not to love now
    Let me come closer
    We can trudge the path

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