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I must have to admit this,

Not just out of sheer bliss,

But more of a hearty wish,

Like how water draws to fish,

That I am drawn to you.
It all started as an innocent talk,

Taking my mind down for a walk,

Into your huge open heart,

Aiming to clear off your hurt,

But now I’m stuck.
One two three laughs we shared,

With no thoughts between us spared,

Blindly but carefully we treaded,

Stupidly but amazingly we each fell,

And now you are all I think of.
Into your gaze I’m drawn,

In your smile I’m captured,

In your laughter I’m captivated,

In your warmth I’m embraced,

And with it all I’m happy.
In your precense I feel free,

In your arms I feel owned,

In your eyes I see us,

In your words my heart is set free,

In you is where I wanna be.
You may not feel as I feel,

We may never have what I want,

But in my heart I got you,

In my mind I already see us,

So come take a walk with me…

Through my mind!


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