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I lay awake thinking of

You in my arms,

Hugging you tight,

Kissing you goodnight,

Then it turns to pain

As I lay and suffer,

The girl I love has just

Left me forever..
Staring at the sky so blue,

Reminiscing on our laughter,

Reliving all our great moments,

And how now I’m alone and cold

For out the door she gladly walked,

For the girl I truly love

Has left me forever.
I almost hear her heart throbbing,

In my arms she lay all peaceful,

Then its hard,

Not soft like before,

I fell in my dream,

The girl i love

Is no more there to hold me
Still I wish she would cm back to me,

And could sit on my lap and the love in my eyes she would see…

Awaiting and dying in the incompleteness of mine,

I know her kisses and hugs will turn the…

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