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When my time shall pass,

After my clock strikes twelve,

Then on my way I shall be,

From the world I shall depart,

Towards the light I shall step.
Bring me a black rose,

Rare and unique on its own,

Feared and adored in equal measure,

A symbol of the life and times I lived,

As in its splendour my soul shall rejoice.
Rest my body along the shores,

To hear the smooth rumblings once more,

The rhythm of the flowing waters be my exit beats,

With the sun set illuminating my path,

As I take a bow from my final act.
Weep not at my departure,

For I shall not weep for myself,

But rejoice in my absence,

For we made merry in my presence,

And finally my time to journey ahead has reached.
Easy peazy they say,

Lemon squeezy we shout,

For no task is greater for us,

Nor any grief too much to bear,

Thus weep not for my fallen self.
Up and away I go,

Gone but not forgotten I will be,

Keep the memoirs,

Remember the smiles,

For that’s all I leave for you,

For my time will have come.


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