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When I die keep your praise

Your adoration and platitudes too

Don’t deceive the masses

Nor be deceitful

Tell them I had a whore for a heart 

That loved even the enemies

Tell them I had zeal for life

And an ego to ride with it

As they put fake roses on my grave

And as some feign grief

Tell them I was loved and hated

Both in equal measures

A constant disease of good friends and enemies, came in plenty too

Don’t paint me a saint.
Let not those I hurt feign grief,

For in their tears I found joy 

They too should find it in my death…

May the dark clouds up above gather

One by one them to be a witness

As my body shall make its final silent descent

One to be marred by the aimless bleatings

Of barkings made by dogs on heat 

Of moos made by the restless cattle

To mark my final bow…

Not like the previous descents made

Of horizontal postures taken

Proceded with moans of pleasure and sweet pain

Bits of push ups to sime down lows

Just to feed the eternal carnal hunger

And quench the thirst that never dies,

As to its pressures my body will have crumbled,

To a descent where I shall thirst no more.
Let it be known far and wide,

Of the selfish being that I was

A hermits life I lived,

Living large to cover my scars

Weeping in silent to calm my weakness

Gulping liquor daily to calm my demons

With my kids down low I go with,

Protecting them from you all that I have done

In a man eat man society I lived,

Heading beyond the skies that I await

Let not your cries deafen my ears,

For beyond the bright dull light,

I shall sing my own song…

But let your eyes and mind remain open,

For the same fate I have 

The same journey I make…

Awaits you too…

So weep not

Just celebrate life!

©Tony N



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