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Lost in a spiraling limbo

Clung onto desolation 

Locked away from the world,

Where melancholy comes resounding like echos 

Fumbling around in a winding maze,

Hopefull to see the light

Stumbling, falling, crawling and arising 

Following a light that shone from afar 
But yet afraid…

Afraid to open my eyes,

Fearful that I’ll see 

That I’ll feel and be engulfed 

In a world so cold 

Thus with outstretched hands I fumble.
Taken by the unknown,

Covered by dark clouds,

Dreams turned nightmares,

Wishes turned curses,

All that and more,

To my shell I retreat,

For in it I find solace
I drown my sorrows in solitude 

Worn out by sickening Ingratitude 

For company I must elude

Praying silently that calm will return 

Craving for a peace of mind I once knew 

Longing for those days I was free 

Before I became tormented with sadness 

Taking a path alone 

It’s dark but hope glimmers 

That dawn will arrive sooner 
As the sun rises from the east,

To brighten my westbound path,

As I depart with the harmattan winds,

Hoping to find my elusive tranquility,

Thus on these sands of time I walk,

My footprints to be engraved forever,

For on this path again…

I shall take not!
© Kennanjagi



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