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From this day forward,

I stand before thee,

Saddened by the facts,

Faced with reality,

Of all that were wished for,

To all that experienced,

And all that has passed.
I promise before all,

Albeit in silent whimpers,

Not to be taken back,

To when the moon shone brightly,

To the beauty of the evening star,

To the rhythm of passing wind,

For in them lays love.
With a straight face,

A broken heart,

Dampened spirits,

A restless soul,

Lost blank eyes,

Shattered hopes,

My promises I will keep.
Let the ever rising tides,

Give rise to dark nights,

To the eerie sounds heard,

Let the ears fall deaf,

To keep all around away,

As we shut our eyes,

From the ugly beauties around.
Back and forth I may move,

Aimless like a headless chicken maybe,

In search of the hidden truths,

Unraveling the lost memoirs,

Of much laughter and cheer,

But unearthing nothing,

For none shall make sense then.


5 thoughts on “THIS IS MY PROMISE.

  1. wooow… how can i say it
    ua words maze…. well lit
    zishani amaze na hata kusmamisha my heart beat
    i lovr it saaana……. saaaaanaa 💯💯🔝🔝


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