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I could sing my heart out,

Of the love songs from the stereo,

But still none of them can compare,

To the one my heart daily sings,

Just at the thought of you.
I’m lost of track,

On the much we have done,

From where we have come from,

To where we have reached,

And still I blush when you call my name.
Smiling in our tears,

Fighting to make up,

Conversing in our silence,

Giving with no expectations,

That’s what our love is.
Time is just but a factor,

More of a passing wind in a storm,

For in the midst of my storms,

You have always been my anchor,

My peace…my calm.
Together great seasons we have passed,

Sometimes less reasons we have given,

On how our obvious imperfections,

Have made us the perfect match,

Finding comfort in our warm loving embrace.
A new year in love we begin,

Our journey together we still moving,

Hand in hand to our unseen destination,

Through the bumps together to pass,

By the waterfalls us to make love,

Take my hand love,let’s walk.

To love you everyday I will,

Apple of my eye daily to be,

To sail together through the rising tides,

To quench our thirsts at our oasis,

For in you I see me,

Let’s feel us once more.
The color of love may be red,

For the intensity and passion it gives,

Maybe too its yellow,

For the smiles and warmth it gives,

Maybe royal purple it is,

For its nobility and splendor,

But you are the color of my love,

For in you I got everything!
Happy New Year in love…

Let our smiles be wider,

Our joy be fuller,

Our cries be sincere,

Our love to grow…

I love you!


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