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Trust your heart with your mind,

That’s what they say,

That’s what I’m told…


What if my mind is messed up,

My heart is fluttering,

What then?

As much as I would want to eat my own fireball I can’t.

I mean,

He burns brightest in silence,

When he smiles his flames just cast a soothing cloud…

I’m selfish yes but I want him up high,

For all to see him…

To want him…

Yearn him…

As much as I do!

And just marvel at his burning embers that don’t die out…

So Fireball,keep burning.
Your smile is what I ask for,

Your sillyness an added advantage,

In your presence I want to be,

In your embrace I want to be found,

So hold me never to let go,

Stay close for I don’t wanna miss you,

For in you I see me,

So stay with me,

Just stay with me.
Your words are the music I need,

The tune my soul dances to,

The long forgotten but familiar beat,

You speak to my heart…

You speak to my soul…

Your words wipe my tears,

They calm my fears,

But this is scary.
Yes it’s scary.

It’s scary how hard I want you,

But I know I just can’t…

For having you…

Accepting you

Is losing myself

To your words…

In your soul…

In your embrace…

To your heart.
I’m scared at the beauty of it all,

At the the sheer joy that it gives,

Coz beyond the joy we have now,

Is the unseen that awaits,

The unknown that we face,

The shadows that lurk,

And that…

That scares me.
I’m happy,

I’m excited,

I’m cautious,

I’m scared.

I’m sorry…
I don’t know why I do all this,

But I’m just sorry..

For what we think we have,

Will end as fast as it all started…

Hurting much more…

Stabbing us deeper…

Than when we knew us not.
Unconditional love…

The kind that comes out of nowhere,

And stays simple but strong,

Till when we start thinking of it

And then we end up destroying it all…

Just like that,

In a flash,

We are lost again!
So dear one,

I’m smiling for I’m happy,

I’m scared for I’m happy,

I’m excited for I’m happy,

I love you and I’m happy,

But in all these bliss,

I’m scared.


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