Posted in Hurt and Pain


Walk with me,

For alone I can’t.
Talk to me,

For the walls will never.
Dance with me,

For the rains shall dance on me.
Hold my hand,

As the cold shall freeze them at once.
Take me in your embrace,

For I wanna be in your presence.
Laugh with me,

Though the rest laugh at me.
But before then…
Can I call you?

‘Coz I know you may forget.
Should I pass by later on?

I’m free this afternoon.
I will have vanilla ice cream,

What’s your flavour?
We can even have a stroll,

Down by the grove where you love.
Carry your slip ons,

For in the river our feet shall tread.
I got my leso,

For us to lay on it as the sun sets.
Reality check…
My insanity is heightened,

At his feet I cower,

In his presence I stutter,

Time stands still,

I’m lost in him,

And yet…

All these he knows not,

For in my mind we are one,

In reality he is my one,


In his reality,

He has his one.


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