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It has been quite a long while,

Of me hiding behind my smile,

Of keeping all of my pain,

Stringing it all in my chains,

But now I’m free…

To hold you closest like a wand to a fairy.
Daily I await the dawning morning,

Not only to view the bright sun rising,

But also to see you smiling,

To see the twinkle deep in your eye,

To just gaze and not be asked why,

For you are my warmth in July.
Each night in your arms I am found,

Gently you blow on my wound,

Calming all my raging fears,

Wiping away all my tears,

To be closely held in your embrace,

Gazing at the stars right on the terrace.
Hold me captive in your gaze,

I want to get lost in our love maze,

To melt at the touch of your hands,

To answer to all of your demands,

For with you I’m complete,

As I burn deeply in our heat.
My heart beats again,

In me now you reign,

In my thoughts now you dwell,

Around us I have built a shell,

To hold us two in our own world,

As we let our love run our world.


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