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The sun spread it’s rays lazily that evening. A cool breeze was loitering from North to South on the air. The noisy birds were having their conversation in their chirping sounds. A bee could be seen moving from one flower to another in search of that sweet thing. Butterflies beautifully flapped their fragile wings in ecstacy as they searched for mates to negotiate on its share in filling the earth. It was a beautiful evening to dive deep into thoughts. Diana walked out of her mother’s house and walked towards the Savanna grazing fields. 
Kaka was a boy with a personality to make frogs croak his name all night and a cockatoo to shout his surname. He was the best version of how a disciplined child should be. He never took long when sent to the market. He never let cows graze on a neighbour’s plantation. He never talked to girls and if he did, it was to point out an offense to the community. He was beautifully handsome. Big masculine figure. Tall with a sweetly dark complexion. He was what many girl had as the ‘man of their dreams’. 
That evening, he decided to go out in the Savanna fields, to have a recollection. A recollection about issues of special attention. Those that require both parts of the brain to be engaged in a heated debate. The Savanna fields was his favourite spot. There he could ponder as he watched the amazing sight of grass uprooted from life and converted into chemical form in the cows stomach. It gave him some sort of satisfaction. Some feeling of lack of words to describe it. It would have been an excitement only that nothing seemed to rise. He could only describe it as a unique love for his animals. He arrived and sat down ready to board a canoe to the sea of imagination. 
Diana had a yearning. She wanted to be loved and have someone to love. Not agape or the other types of love. The type of love that allows one to act crazy only to be justified by the phrase ‘lost my mind in love’. She could feel her ovaries misbehaving. She was hollow inside as an ugly mining pit waiting for reclamation, a transformation to a tourist attraction site. She was waiting for love. 
As the grass withered and shook greenly, Kaka saw a figure approach. It was a girl. Her dress was seductively swaying in rhythm with the wandering breeze. At one point, it exposed parts that he could only see when he experienced those weird dreams. Those dreams that are never valid even if it rains coins of Kenyan twenty shillings. 
He widened his eyes, maybe to increase the scope or even to zoom the angel approaching. He covered his eyes as if to shelter them from direct sunlight. He saw her. The queen was approaching. The angel was coming. And for the first time in his life, unless when misbehaving, his masculine fellow that always rose with the sun in the morning, rose to the occasion. He was confused. He was lost in a myriad of thoughts. He was strangled by her beauty. 
Diana, on the other side, watched the ‘prince’ get lost for words. She was not quick to judge that it was her beauty that awed him. She kept looking behind to see if any other girl was trekking the same path. The road was clear. She then believed it was her. She could not help but smile. She exposed her pearl white teeth. Even to stones that have no feelings. She felt that she could pause the world’s numerous activities just to watch her shake whatever her mama had gifted her. She kept walking. 
Love is blind but it always finds its way to people’s hearts. Whatever it was that day, Kaka felt like never before. He psyched himself and approached Diana. Even before he could mumble a ‘Hi’ , the girl was already smiling. The smile melted his heart. He felt like a king watching her queen in her expensive birthday suit. He was very very happy. 
A force pulled them towards each other. The pull was hard to resist. Diana looked at his eyes. There, she saw the beautiful galaxy of shining stars. Her lips trembled. Kaka looked back. The world ceased to exist. They held each other. Seductively. They were cemented. They moved closer and closer embedding on each other. They closed their eyes….


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